The Ted Wildman Memorial Trophy

I don’t honestly know if the Ted Wildman Trophy is the oldest individual award in Ontario college football but it must be among them.  It’s been given out since 1932.

From a 1950 report in the Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine:

The Ted Wildman Trophy was donated by the Harris Abattoir of Toronto to the Ontario Agricultural College Alumni Association, as a memorial to Ted Wildman, a graduate of Class 1922, O.A.C. and an outstanding athlete and student.

Senior students of the two Guelph colleges are eligible for competition for the Trophy. Candidates must satisfy the Trophy Committee on the following points:
1. Proficiency in playing rugby.
2. Conduct on the field of play.
3. Conduct on the campus, in the class room, and in student activities in general.
4. Ability as a leader both on and off the field of play.
5. Ability to co-operate with players, other students and authorities.
6. Academic standing shall be above average.

Ted Wildman was a 1922 graduate of Ontario Agricultural College.  He was a multi-sport athlete who excelled in wrestling, boxing and track & field in addition to football.  Wildman was a Canadian champion in shotput.  Wildman was a member of back-to-back championship football teams at Guelph in 1919 and 1920.  His employer, Harris Abattoir of Toronto which later became part of Canada Packers, donated the trophy in his honour after he died at a young age in an automobile accident.  Wildman was inducted into the University of Guelph Athletics Hall of Fame in 1986.

The winners of the award:

1932      Sid Henry
1933      George Mills
1934      Ab Folland
1935      Beverly Easton
1936      Hank McDonald
1937      Bill Mitchell
1938      No Award Presented
1939      Ross Chapman
1940      George Reynolds
1941-45  WWII
1946      Burt Matthews
1947      John Harvey
1948      Walter Packman
1949      Jim Baker
1950      Jack Cote
1951      Bob Steckle
1952      Larry Burt
1953      Fraser Kerr
1954      Mark Raithby
1955      Bob Hart
1956      Dave Francis
1957      Bob Billin
1958      Bill Sproule
1959      Bob Keith
1960      John Henry &  Don Ward
1961      Dave Hume
1962      Raemond German
1963      Jim MacMillan
1964      Ted Barron
1965      Bruce Groves
1966      Gary Scott
1967      John Vandenberg
1968      Terry Hemming
1969      Steve Stewart
1970      Dave Clarke &  Bill Morrison
1971      Don Westlake
1972      Ted McEachern
1973      Greg Scheifele
1974      Dan Cornwell
1975      Bruce Morris
1976      Tom Arnott
1977      Vaughn Wright
1978      Steve Hale
1979      Tim Jewson
1980      Ron Lively
1981      Harry Doering
1982      Scott Hobson
1983      Sam Benincasa
1984      Peter Simpson
1985      John Godry
1986      Mike Knighton
1987      Jim Farrell
1988      Bob McLay
1989      Tom Dimitroff Jr.
1990      Calvin Nigh
1991      Chuck Simms
1992      Dan Walker
1993      Rob Wesseling
1994      Mark Dragich
1995      Kip Wigmore
1996      Ryan Strom
1997      Ian McQueen & Peter Partridge
1998      Joel Varty
1999      Nick Gallo
2000      Jeremy Oxley
2001      Sean Spender
2002      Jonathan Bohnert &  Norm Nasser
2003      Mike Dougherty
2004      Andrew Oosterhuis
2005      Adam Carapella
2006      Colin Dyer
2007      Adam Slomer
2008      Graeme Reed
2009      Jeff Cain
2010      Matthew Rossetti
2011       Jedd Gardner [story here]
2012     Zack Androschuck [story here]
2013    Taylor Palmer [story here]
2014    Rob Farquharson [story here]
2015    Patrick McGrath [story here]
2016    Rob Carnegie [story]
2017   Orion Edwards

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One Response to The Ted Wildman Memorial Trophy

  1. Cindy Reynolds says:

    The 1940 recipient of this award, George Reynolds passed away on December 10, 2015. He was 99 years old.

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