About GF Blog

This blog is about one bystander trying to share his passion, insights and opinions on University of Guelph football.  I am not an employee of the University, a member of the football staff or part of the Gryphon media machine.

I am sure that there are others like myself who would like more information about what is happening in the Gryphon football program.  There is a lot that interests Gryphon fans beyond what is published in The Guelph Mercury – I do read everything they write.  That desire led me to search the internet for sites that cover CIS football.  There are several that do it but the focus is obviously not on the Gryphons.  The tone of debate on some of the discussion forum sites can at times be downright uncivil.  I hope that this blog will fill a void for Gryphon fans and others who enjoy OUA & CIS football.

If you have questions, opinions or information about Gryphons football you want to share you can contact me at:  peter.gryphon@live.ca

8 Responses to About GF Blog

  1. Excellent blog, my friend.

    These types of blogs go a long way towards engaging the OUA football fan and are certainly a welcome contribution.

    I will be following all fall!

    Super Fun Happy Slide

  2. Mark Kennedy says:

    Hello. I am clearly late to the party. Neither a student, faculty, alumni or parent of player, I am the parent of a current Guelph student and I attended my first Gryphons game yesterday. Better late than never, I suppose I made the right decision in getting to the stadium. If you were going to choose a memorable game to start being a Gryphons fan with, the miracle comeback against Queen’s is a hell of place to start.

  3. Never too late to start supporting the Gryphons. Grab a cowbell and join us at the 105th Yates Cup.

    • Mark Kennedy says:

      I will have to resort to following the game on tv next weekend. I am honestly thinking of buying season’s tickets for 2013.
      I blog myself. I have been struggling with Toronto FC since day 1 in 2007. I wrote about yesterday’s game in my blog. First time I have shifted from soccer to university football in my blog in six years.
      Large regret that I did not buy a cowbell yesterday. Checked the merchandise web page and they are not listed…..

  4. Go Guelph! The miracle comeback against Queens was something we enjoyed.

  5. Dave Whittle says:

    Hey Peter, why have A’dre Fraser and Brandon Rogers not been in the lineup?

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