2014 Schedule & Results

Preseason Game  Sunday, Aug 24   Guelph @ udeMontreal – CEPSUM Stadium

Week 1   Monday, Sept 1        Guelph 27 @ McMaster  34 (OT)
Week 2    Saturday, Sept 6     Toronto 18 @ Guelph 50
Week 3   Saturday, Sept 13    Guelph 42 @ Ottawa 7
Week 4  Saturday, Sept 20    Queen’s 0 @ Guelph 66Homecoming Game
Week 5   Saturday, Sept 27    Bye Week
Week 6   Saturday, Oct 4        Guelph 24 @ Windsor 9
Week 7   Friday, Oct 10          Carleton 24 @ Guelph 44
Week 8   Saturday, Oct 18      Western 46 @ Guelph 49
Week 9   Saturday, Oct 25       Guelph 41 @ Laurier 36

Semi-final  Saturday, Nov 8    Western 26 @ Guelph 51
Yates Cup   Saturday, Nov 15     Guelph 15 @ McMaster 20

View the complete OUA schedule here.

Note: A revised schedule was released on December 23. The only change I see is that they have taken the original Week 1 games, scheduled for Sunday, August 24, and moved them to Saturday, October 25. The Labour Day start to the season is much preferable in my opinion. Hopefully, it will allow the Gryphons to once again play an exhibition game.

One Response to 2014 Schedule & Results

  1. cflsteve says:

    Yes much better this now again enables OUA teams to participate and be invite to annuall pre season games at Saskatoon and Laval.
    Also I can see Carleton in the future involved with inviting a CanWest or a Q team in for a game.

    Other programs like Sherbrooke could also join in on the hosting of an OUA team as well as OUA teams looking to get a top team like Montreal from the Q to come for a visit.

    OUA teams also have a natural pre season opponent as there is one team they do not play each season. Will be a very useful tool for inviting or visiting a top OUA team in for a tune up that is not on your schedule.

    York will have the new facility and adding a tough pre season opponent can help towards turning around there losing ways.

    I would love to see these games become more than scrimmages but live non conference games.
    They wont count towards your league record encouraging the best teams to sign deals for match ups that would bring some national attention but not penalize your conference record.
    Similar to what we see in the NCAA huge non conference rivalries generating attention, TV and $$$.
    USC vs Notre Dame. FCS schools playing FBS teams. Mid majors playing teams from major conferences.

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