News & Posts on 2017 Recruiting Class

Isenor going to Guelph
♦ Gryphons sign 3 from Brampton
♦ Gryphons sign two via Western NY prep schools
♦ An update on Andy McFalls at North American Championship
♦ A nice media story on OL recruit Scott Johnson
3 more recruit signings – Beeksma, Doyley, T Williams
D-10 MVP Chaves signs with Gryphons

News on 2014 recruits:

♦ You can find GF blog’s list of 2014 recruits here.

Posts on 2013 recruiting:

♦ A list of 2013 recruits and links to each of my recruit profiles here.

♦ My initial thoughts on the early April announcements of offensive recruits and  defensive recruits.

♦ According to Recruiting Coordinator Bill Brown things are right on track with respect to the 2013 recruiting class. I share some of my own thoughts particularly about the Gryphons’ desire for a stud RB, or two.

♦ The Guelph Mercury takes a look at the Gryphons’ recruiting needs.

Preliminary thoughts on 2013 recruiting – … So for 2013 Guelph doesn’t have to sell something that recruits cannot yet see or touch. The Gryphons now have the best all-round football facilities in the OUA and a coaching staff and talented roster that has proven it can compete with the conference’s elite. Two play-off games on national television and the announcement of the Tiger-Cats relocation amplified the message.

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