Ticket Sales

Tickets for the 2017 Season

Tickets go in sale in June

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Homecoming 2016 Tickets are On Sale  

  • $30 Adult tickets can be purchased on-line at Gryphons Box Office
  • $15 Student Tickets – On Sale at Gryphon Field House – Wednesday, Sept 14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.. Line up starts at 9 a.m.. Cash sales only. Limit of 4 tickets per person. Facebook Event Page

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2016 Season Tickets – Gryphon Box Office link

2016 Guelph Gryphon Football Season tickets are now available! Come watch your Guelph Gryphons as they defend their Yates Cup title!

Ticket Prices:

General Admission Season Pass: $80.00

2016 Home Schedule:

August 28th: Toronto Varsity Blues @ Guelph 1PM
September 10th: Queens Gaels @ Guelph 1PM
September 24th: Western Mustangs @ Guelph 1PM
October 22nd: York Lions @ Guelph 1PM

*Please note that the purchase of these tickets is non-refundable.

New this year, Adult refreshments can be enjoyed while watching the game at our GryphFan Zone located above the hill overlooking the field. Must be 19-years of age to enter. Area is free of charge to access, just present your Seasons Pass.

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2015 Mitchell Bowl Tickets

Link to Gryphon.ca – On-line ticket office

Guelph, ON – The biggest football game to take place on U of G’s campus in 31 years is just a few days away. Listed below is some information on how you can get your Mitchell Bowl ticket and guarantee your spot at Saturday’s historic event!


WHEN:  Wednesday, November 18 (10am to 2pm)
WHERE:  West Gym (W.F. Mitchell Athletics Centre)
PRICE:  $15 (cash only – limited number of tickets available)

On Wednesday, November 18th, a limited number of student tickets will be available for purchase in the West Gym of the W.F. Mitchell Athletics Centre at a special “U of G Student Ticket Sale.” The limited number of tickets will be sold for $15 each and cash only will be accepted. There is no limit to the amount of tickets that can be bought per person.


Adult tickets (ages 17 and over) are currently available to be purchased online for $25 per ticket.

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2015 Season tickets are now on sale – Gryphon Box Office.

Season ticket buyers receive …
* Free Gryphons toque
* 20% off merchandise coupon
* First access to pre-sale for all playoff tickets. This season, the Gryphons have the potential to host a CIS national semi-final game as the OUA will play host to the RSEQ (Quebec Conference) in the Mitchell Bowl on November 21st.

Individual game tickets will go on sale in August. Watch for announcements.

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2014 – New, higher ticket prices are coming for Gryphon home games. I have no problem with the price increases which have been occurring each season since I wrote the It’s time to raise ticket prices! editorial below. The Department of Athletics needs the revenue and the football program has more potential for revenue growth than all of the varsity teams combined. But the other side of that equation is the Department needs to invest money into football and effort into marketing it.

From gryphons.ca

Ticket Prices

Adult $20
Non U of G Student $5
U of G Student FREE with valid Student Card (excluding HOMECOMING)
Homecoming Adult $25
Homecoming Student $15 (ALL Students)

Football Playoffs:
Adult $25
Student $15
Children Ages 2-12 $5
Children under 2 FREE

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Update:  Nov 7, 2011

It was nice to see that the Department of Athletics did in fact raise ticket prices in 2011.  They actually went beyond what I was suggesting and I credit them for that.  It was also very encouraging that a record 9,500 tickets were sold for the Homecoming Game.  Up from 8,800 in 2010.  With the additional tickets sold and each one of them costing an extra $5, that’s an additional $54,000 in revenue from just one game.

Link for ordering tickets on-line: Gryphon Box Office

2012 Season Tickets won’t be available until June.  Tickets to special events like the Wildman Dinner & the Coaches Gala should be available in advance through the above link.

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It’s time to raise ticket prices!  (Jan 25, 2011)

An adult ticket to a Gryphon football game is a bargain at $10. In the OUA in 2010 only a ticket to a York U game was cheaper -$8. A season ticket was an even greater bargain – four games for $30, thats just $7.50 per game.

This past season my Laurier ticket was $16, in Ottawa I paid $12 and at Western in 2009 I forked out $20.  McMaster tickets ranged from $15 to $25 and Queen’s tickets $12.50 to $15.50.  A ticket to a Guelph Storm OHL hockey game will set you back $20.50.

Consider Homecoming Games.  They seem to sellout every year.  This season the game  was soldout three days in advance.  I know people who were searching for extra tickets. They would have gladly paid $20 or $25.  I know I would have done so – six members of my family had to cancel plans to travel to Guelph for the game.

My own informal survey of tells me there is little negative feedback from a $12 or $15 ticket price but some people were resisting at the $20 level.  Thus, my recommendation is:

Adult tickets: $15 for Homecoming and playoff games, $12 for other regular season games, or a $45 season ticket package

Seniors tickets: $15 for Homecoming and playoff games, $10 for other regular season games, or a $39 season ticket package

Students (with UofG ID) and Youth (7-17 yrs of age):  keep them cheap, $5 or $6 is fine

Children 6 & under: free

Keep in mind that food and beverage concessions at Alumni Stadium are as cheap as you can find anywhere.  Prices at Mac’s Ron Joyce Stadium are double ours.  At a Mac game you cannot park anywhere without paying at least $5.  Parking is an expense at several other OUA venues while there is no shortage of free parking at Guelph.

Overall Guelph football games would continue to be an economical outing for a family.  Yet, by my best estimates this proposal would generate $43,000 in much needed revenue for our football program.

If nothing else, at least raise the price of a Homecoming ticket.  If 6,300 of the 8,800 attendees paid $15 for an adult ticket we would take in an additional $31,500.  Can we afford not to do that?

1 Response to Ticket Sales

  1. Greg Pritty says:

    My wife & I agree, that Guelph should raise their ticket prices to be more in line with the rest of the country. This is extremely important as a fund-raisng tool especially in the case of a school like Guelph which I am learning has excellent attendence to all their home games. I know having travelled to all my older son Tyler’s game last year across the QUFL that the prices being charged by both Guelph and Concordia were by far the lowest in comparison to almost everyone of its’ competitors. We paid $16 for standing room seating at Laval and they are putting close to 15000 fans in the stands most games with over 5000 seats selling for $30 each in their preferred seating section. The only tickets we felt should remain as affordable as possible should be the Seniors, students, and youth who attend games. The other area where the Q is killing the OUA in revenue generating is through their sale of beer at all their games, but that is I guess a contentious issue with the drinking age being 19 in Ontario and only 18 in Quebec.

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