Breakdown of the 2020 recruiting class

new recruit

Our new coaching staff is putting together a dynamite recruiting class. People are already asking me if I think it is Guelph’s “best ever”. My answer has been, it’s close too it and they are not even done. I do think this class is already 80% complete.

Up until this point, I thought the Gryphon’s best class in memory was the final recruiting class put together in 2018 under former head coach Kevin MacNeill. That year Todd Galloway was the recruiting coordinator and OC J-F Joncas helped the Gryphons breakthrough with recruits in Quebec.

Last year’s class was very good considering Coach Sheahan and his staff got off to a late start. Then, if got even better with late additions like Kaine Stevenson, Yusuf Al-Khaldi and Abdraman Abdel-Rahim. Not to mention, the last-second addition in early August of NCAA-transfer Clarke Barnes. At that point it rivaled the 2018 class and was one of the top 2 or 3 in the OUA.

To date, I have the 2020 class with 25 members. Check out my full list here.

Breaking it down by position

Quarterbacks  3
Running Backs   3
Fullback/H-Back   1
Receivers   1
Off Linemen 6

Def Linemen 3
Linebackers 5
Def Backs 2

Specialists 1

I really debated where to slot in recent signee Cordell Holder. Most everywhere I see him referred to as linebacker but when I watch his most recent highlights I see a guy who looks/plays more like a defensive end. I’ve left him as an LB and we’ll have to see how he ends up being used in Dennis McPhee’s defense.

Breakdown by Region/Hometown

Guelph/Cambridge 3
Hamilton 6
Halton 6
Niagara 2
Toronto 2
Other Ontario 2
British Col 1
Alberta 1
Manitoba 1

The 4 out-of-province recruits are interesting. Two come from the BCFC junior league. One of them played his high school football in Tennessee [Conor Richards] and the other in Manitoba [Cordell Holder]. The player from BC [Jeremie Kankolongo] played the past few years in Quebec at Cegep Champlain-Lennoxville. Kankolongo was the BC High School player of the year in 2016. The Alberta signee [Kole Watson] hails from one of the top programs in that province, Salisbury Composite HS near Edmonton. He is a Top100 rated player in Canada.

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2 Responses to Breakdown of the 2020 recruiting class

  1. Mark says:

    Coach Sheehan’s first full offseason and the recruiting class looks exceptional. Go Gryphs!

  2. Mark says:

    Any thoughts on the recent commits by QB Ettore Casti and DB Miles La Foucade? Ettore is 21 years old coming from cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Miles comes from Clearwater Academy in Florida.

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