Some overdue congratulations – Dec 5/17

Congratulations to the Toronto Argonauts on their Grey Cup victory, and to the former Gryphons who were a part of it!

I watched most of the game. It was a close game but not particularly dramatic until a late game fumble by Calgary receiver Kamar Jorden …

The play happened with under six minutes left in the game. Calgary was ahead 24-16 and threatening to score a touchdown that would have sealed the victory.

Playing in a steady snowfall, the Stampeders had a first down on the Toronto seven-yard line. Jorden caught a pass in the flat but as he turned toward the end zone Argo safety Jermaine Gabriel stripped the ball. Halfback Cassius Vaughn scooped it up at the one and returned it all the way for a touchdown. The 109-yard ramble set a Grey Cup record.

The Argos were good on a two-point convert which tied the score 24-24.

Toronto would take the lead 27-24 on a 32-yard field goal with 53 seconds left.

With the most players of any OUA school involved in the game, some Gryphon alumni were going to be celebrating …

*     *     *

Congratulations to the Western Mustangs on their impressive Vanier Cup win!

*     *     *

Congratulations to Zack Silverthorne on his coaching championship win!

Silverthorne is in his first season as the head coach at Grimsby Secondary School after many years at South Lincoln HS. He led the Eagles to their first gridiron championship in decades.

Silverthorne w Yates

Zack Silverthorne (left) poses with 1996 teammates Bill Brown & John Casasanta at a FoGF regional reception in 2016

*     *     *

Congratulations to committed recruit Uriel Kalenga on his team’s Bol D’Or championship win in CEGEP Division 1!

UK w Bol D'Or

Further congratulations to UK on his rising prospect ranking according to CFC. In the most recent edition of their Top 60 post-high school prospects [CEGEP, JUCO and post-grad Prep School athletes] Canada Football Chat has Kalenga ranked #54.

*     *     *

Congratulations to Gryphon freshmen Andy McFalls and Sandor Mod, and to incoming recruit Noah Johns, on being among the first 37 players named to Football Canada’s U19 National Junior team. They will play Team USA in the 2018 International Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Dallas Texas.


*     *     *

And, just today … Congratulations to Guelph’s 2016-2017 Academic All Canadians – Daniel Urbshas, Corey Flude, Justis Croasdale, Derek Droulliard and Orion Edwards.



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2 Responses to Some overdue congratulations – Dec 5/17

  1. Gerry says:


    As a Gryphon fan and supporter I find it challenging and disappointing that you have not posted about the Gryphons playoff loss to Western. As Gryphon supporters we feel the rath of negative comments/feedback from non Gryphon supporters about the players and the program when this happens. When you do not respond or give your feedback after a game like this you give them reasons to criticize. Bottom line is if you are going to cover the team you need to be consistant in your coverage win or lose. We’re we happy with the way the season ended…..No. But that does not mean that we do not open up the conversation about it. You provide lots of insight….some good and accurate and some not so much. Bottom line is if you want to inform people and and maintain a standard of neutrality that I believe you wish to provide then you must be consistant. Every program has its ups and downs….we just need to be consistant in how we communicate and inform people whether it is positive or negative information.

    Has the program done some great things YES…have they made some mistakes YES. Bottom line is if you are going pump the Gryphon tires when they have success you have to be willing to deflate them when they don’t.

    And I am not afraid to post my name and or willing to have further discussions.


  2. Thanks for your thoughts Gerry!

    Over the past 7 years I’ve written more than 1,000 blog posts. I invested hundreds of hours into at least another 200 posts that never made it onto the blog, even though many were very close to completion. If I just had a little more free time they would all get done. Mais c’est la vie!

    There is only so much time I can devote to this “hobby”. Unfortunately it has been harder to find that time the past two years. I have made some efforts to recruit others to help with the writing but to no avail so far. I am still 100% open to having others contribute articles whether it be on a regular or occasional basis. I would be happy to give another writer access to the blog and work assist them to use the software. Or, I am willing to simply receive content, edit it and lay it out in blog format.

    From my perspective, part of the issue is that the landscape has changed. When I started the blog in late 2010 there was a very large information void around almost every USports football program. I created the blog to fill that void with the Guelph Gryphons. But with the development of Guelph’s social media, creation of the Team App and improved coverage on some things by, some of what I was doing has now become redundant.

    As for my thoughts on the semi-final loss I intend to work then into future articles. Again, it gets back to having enough time. There are lots of other topics that I also want to write about.

    Finally, with respect to this part of your comment …

    “As Gryphon supporters we feel the rath of negative comments/feedback from non Gryphon supporters about the players and the program when this happens. When you do not respond or give your feedback after a game like this you give them reasons to criticize.”

    … you need realize that those people are going to criticize NO MATTER WHAT. I could have written three articles about the semi-final loss and it wouldn’t mute the haters one iota. In fact, it is often the opposite: the more I write the more they criticize.

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