21st Annual FoGF Golf Tourney

Golf 1

The 2017 tournament participants. It does beg the question … why are so many wearing powder blue shirts at a Gryphon Football event?

By all reports this year’s Friends of Gryphon Football Golf Tournament was a success with good weather, a large turnout and lots of fun. There were 120 golfers and more than a dozen volunteers including numerous current players.

According to FoGF president Randy Dimitroff and lead organizer Jen Green, some of the credit for this being a bigger and better event goes to the sponsors who stepped up, including …

Alltech Canada [Steve Parisotto]
Adviant Financial [Bryan Maltby]
Northern Productions [Ronnie Caron]
Skyline Group of Companies [Mark Durigon]
Steelcase Canada [Luke Nangle]
Wellington Brewery [Brent Davies}

*     *     *

One mystery has been solved.

For years, no one seemed to have a definitive answer to the question … How long has the Friends of Gryphon Football golf tournament been going on?

I originally titled this post … 18th Annual FoGF Golf Tourney. Then someone told me it was the 20th annual tournament. Back in 2015 I wrote that it was the 15th Annual which would have made this year’s version the 17th edition.

As it turns out, Wally Gabler remembers exactly when it started. It was 1997.  Gabler, along with fellow assistant coach Rudy Florio, worked together to organize the first tournament. Back then, what we now know as Friends of Gryphon Football, went by its original name – The 25th Man Club.

[In case you haven’t heard, after more than a decade with the Wilfird Laurier Athletic Department and two years in the OUA office, Gabler is back at the UofG.  He was named Assistant Manager of Intercollegiate Programs last month.]

*     *     *

Golf 3

Head Coach Kevin MacNeill with assistant coach/OAC grad Gary Jeffiries

Golf 5

Former teammates John O’Brien (left) and Brian Cluff (right) flank FoGF president Randy Dimitroff

*     *     *

The event started with a barbeque lunch and ended with a steak dinner and awards banquet. Athletic Director Scott McRoberts was at the dinner to address the crowd.


Most honest 4

Most Honest Foursome (l-r) – Gary Jeffries, Kevin MacNeill, Stuart Lang & Bill Laidlaw

BEST SCORE – Ron Aimola foursome

Golf 4

Best Score – Ron Aimola & Freinds

LONGEST DRIVE – WOMEN – Laurie Richardson

LONG DRIVE – MEN – Zach Buchan

CLOSEST TO THE PIN – WOMEN – Laurie Richardson

CLOSEST TO THE PIN – MEN – John Casasanta

CLOSEST TO THE KEG – Doc Richardson


*     *     *


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