Former DB doing big things with data

winston-greenA 5’10” 185-pound defensive back, Winston Green arrived at Guelph in 2009. The Ottawa native spent his first CIS season with the Ottawa GeeGees before transferring to Guelph. A former St Patrick’s High School and Cumberland Panther player, Green played an increasingly important role in the defensive backfield through the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

A Managament Economics and Finance (MEF) student at Guelph, Green would likely have been a starter at corner in 2012, in my opinion. But Green already had several significant job offers to choose from upon graduation that dissauded him from returning.

Winston Green is using the 10-month MBA at France’s EDHEC Business School to develop his new business

Written by Marco De Novellis | MBA Entrepreneurs | Wednesday 4th January 2017 11:30:00 GMT

Winston Green is a current MBA student at EDHEC Business School in FranceWinston Green is a current MBA student at EDHEC Business School in France

Winston Green is big on big data. He’s just started his own strategy and big data analytics consultancy Hyperion-Astra. And he’s taking the business through EDHEC Business School’s intensive, 10-month MBA to make it a success.

Before his MBA, Winston worked in data analytics at discount retailer Target Canada. But after the company went under in January 2015, he decided to take the leap and start his own business.

Winston relocated from Canada to pursue an MBA at EDHEC, which recently introduced new cutting-edge courses in big data and artificial intelligence. He helped to launch the school’s first data analytics club. He sees big data transforming the business landscape in the coming years.

How did the idea to start your own data analytics consultancy come about?

I know firsthand that many organizations don’t have the people, the tools, or the resources, to tap into their own data. Just before my MBA, I worked with a large player in the health and fitness field. My role with them was coming to a close but I didn’t feel that I was finished. I felt like I could still assist the organization.

I knew that I had a strong suit in analytics and strategy. So I said: ‘If this is something I want to do in the long run, why don’t I start now?’ I went ahead, registered my business, and pitched to my former employer. I told them what I could do for them while I’m still abroad, and secured my first client!

Where are you at right now? What do you hope to achieve?

Right now, the business is only in its infancy. I’m using my time at EDHEC to bolster my credentials within data analytics, build a business plan, work and partner with like-minded individuals, and see what traction I can get.

I would love to continue to develop this plan further; to work with the partners here at school, to get a small roster of potential future clients, and bring it over to the European market. The long-term aim is to work with SMEs around the globe and become the go-to resource when it comes to data analytics strategy.

How have you been supported by the EDHEC MBA?

There’s a lot going on at EDHEC for an entrepreneur. We have the entrepreneurship club, the consulting club, and the data analytics club that I started up myself. Through those, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with alumni entrepreneurs, and we’ve had consultants come in and guide us through the process of setting up a business.

We also have a startup incubator. I’ve set up a meeting with the director in the new year where I can present my business plan and he can walk me through how I could enter the market here.

Read the full story here.

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