My thoughts on the coaching situation

Today is December 5 and applications for the Gryphon Football Program’s Head Coaching position close today. The Department of Athletics posted the job on November 25.

In case you have forgotten, Kevin MacNeill was named the “Interim” Head Coach 10+ months ago. His was only a temporary appointment but, in my opinion, he is a leading candidate for the permanent position.

As I said, today is the closing date for applications. Thus, it would seem to be strange timing for Football Canada to send out this tweet …

Former McMaster QB Marshall Ferguson, who hosts a 3pm – 7pm radio show on Hamilton’s TSN1150, noticed the tweet and started talking about the job posting. It was obvious he wasn’t previously aware of the “job opportunity” or that MacNeill’s original appointment was an “interim” one. That surprised me a little since Ferguson is still an involved football guy who does play-by-play for Tiger-Cats games.

Regardless, he and his “sidekick” Louis B. spent almost 25 minutes conversing about Gryphon football, the job opening, Guelph’s facilities, the hatred he used to have for Guelph and OUA football in a general way. He also speculated about possible Mac connections to the Guelph job – i.e. former Marauders HC Stefan Ptaszek and OC John Behie were possible candidates in his opinion.

Even if they weren’t well informed it was still nice to hear Gryphon football and OUA sports get that much airtime on a sports radio station.

*     *     *

I was at the POP Group’s season-ending / pre-Christmas party at the Guelph Holiday Inn on Saturday night. Even with 50+ Gryphon parents and alumni gathered together, there was surprisingly little conversation, or concern, about the coaching situation. I take that as a positive, as in … supporters don’t think there is a crisis or major reason for concern. Essentially, Gryphon fans are in a win-win situation.

There is strong support for Coach MacNeill, in spite of a 3-5 season. I think that lots of others feel like I do. We’d be more than happy to have Coach MacNeill announced as the “new” head coach. But, if there is someone more capable, more experienced or better suited for the position, how would that not be a good thing?

Coach MacNeill talking with alumni Photo: Lou Toppan

Coach MacNeill talking with alumni
Photo: Lou Toppan

What I don’t think we need to do is blow up the current team or the current coaching staff. We are in a very good situation. The Gryphons are not a rebuilding project. If there is an outside coach who the hiring committee feels is the best candidate, he needs to be able to work with the people who are here. That would include Coach MacNeill who would still retain his previous position as Defensive Coordinator.

I DO HAVE ONE OTHER CONCERN … that this process will drag on for more than two more weeks. What I really think is necessary is for Athletic Director Scott McRoberts and the hiring committee to be decisive. There is no way I want to go into the Christmas break without a decision being made.

Scott McRoberts shares his passion for football with Gryphon family

Scott McRoberts shares his passion for football with Gryphon family

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