The post-season / pre-season transition

The post-season arrived a little earlier than usual for the Gryphons this year. The focus of coaches quickly turned to recruiting. Gryphon recruiters have been active throughout southern Ontario. Kyle Cole is headed to BC this week. Here is just some of the proof …

To date I’m aware of 4 players who have “officially” committed to the Gryphons for the 2017 recruiting class. I’ve heard about several others but I haven’t seen any confirmation of that. The Gryphon coaches and recruiters are pretty good about sharing those announcements publicly at the appropriate time. That’s usually a matter of arranging for the signing of an LOI. I wait until I’ve seen something on social media or a photo from the signing ceremony before I consider a commitment official.

*     *     *

The early conclusion to the 2016 season also means the Gryphons were able to get a jump on the 2017 pre-season. The team has continued with weekly full-contact practices since their loss in the Q-Finals the past 3 weeks. They culminate with a 5 p.m. scrimmage this Wednesday. Or is it Tuesday? I’m not certain, so you may want to check before heading to Alumni Stadium if you are so inclined.

Some video clips from recent practices …

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