Follow-up on the Q-Final loss


I’m a little late with this post. Much later than I intended to be. As much as I hated the result and the fact that the loss eliminated the Gryphons from the playoffs, it was an exciting and intense game. Comments from Mac coach and players below reflect that, as do these tweets …

Yes, Gryphon fans can be unhappy with the end result but we can’t complain about the effort this team brought to the game.

It was a tough year with huge graduation losses following the Yates Cup winning season. With the loss of so many graduates it wasn’t a good year to have a number of the remaining veterans and players at key positions miss a whole bunch of games. Regardless, the Gryphons never quit on the season or in the game.

Speaking of not quitting, the Gryphons were in a tough spot, down 6 points, backed up on their own 30, with just 59 seconds left in the game. In 6 plays and 51 seconds the Gryphon offense moved to the Mac 12-yd line and had a shot to pull of an upset. Close but no cigar.

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Hamilton Spectator: No 4 McMaster slips past Guelph

Hastings on the final minute of the game

I was just standing there with Max Cameron and Chris Pezzetta, just praying. Praying for a turnover, and thank God for Keldyn Ahlstedt.

Marauders were in good hands with Ahlstedt has more on Maruader feelings during Guelph’s last-minute drive down close to Mac’s goal line …

Anybody in maroon a little nervous?

“Oh certainly,” Marauders’ head coach Greg Knox admits.

“There was a little bit of panic,” defensive back Keldyn Ahlstedt acknowledges.

“Did I get nervous?” asks receiver Danny Vandervoort, who was on the sidelines not watching because it was just too stressful. “I don’t think a single person’s heart wasn’t racing like crazy.” Box Score and Game Stats Archived video

*     *     *

From Mike Hogan’s OUA: In the Huddle column:

The tension was incredible.

The McMaster Marauders had finally taken their first lead of their OUA semi-final midway through the fourth quarter. The visiting Guelph Gryphons – who had limped into the playoffs after a disappointing regular season – had an opportunity to erase the sins of previous eight games with one drive.

The Gryphs took over at their own 30-yard line with under a minute to go and trailing by six points. A half-dozen plays later they found themselves at the McMaster 12 with time for one, or maybe two plays. James Roberts fired a pass to the goal line in the direction of Kian Shaffer-Baker.  Instead of finishing off the dramatic comeback and a notable upset, McMaster defensive back Keldyn Ahlstedt jumped the route and sealed the victory with an interception.

Photo: Megan Anne / Photogrypher

Photo: Megan Anne / Photogrypher

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