Q-Final Preview – Guelph @ McMaster

Mac logoPlayoff football is here.

We have had the weather to match it this week. But temps are expected to rise overnight to an un-seasonal high of 19 Celsius. There is the chance of rain but no chance of bitterly cold temperatures.

My Take: Bring on the playoffs. It has been a tough year for the Gryphons. No one expected a 3-5 record was a possibility. However, there is no reason to believe that the Gryphons will necessarily be one-&-done in the playoffs. I think Guelph has a good chance to win and move on.

Game Previews & Related Links:

Gryphons.ca: Gryphons & Marauders Set to Meet in OUA Quarterfinal

It doesn’t matter how you get into the playoffs. All that matters is what you do once you get there.

Marauders.ca has this Splash page (below) on their website but they do not have a preview of tomorrow’s OUA Quarter-Final.

Source: Marauders.ca

Source: Marauders.ca

The fact that there are five Guelph versus McMaster competitions in four different sports this weekend wasn’t lost on Guelph Athletic Director Scott McRoberts or Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie. They issued a challenge to their Hamilton counterparts – Athletic Directors & City Mayors Place Friendly Bet as Gryphons & Marauders Face Off in 5 Games This Weekend

GuelphToday.com picked up the story and ran it with this lede … Craft beer on the line over five weekend games between McMaster and U of G, including big football playoff game

It is pretty much the same story with the Hamilton Spectator. No game preview but a story about the friendly wager – With 5 McMaster vs Guelph games this weekend, athletic directors and mayors place friendly bet.

OUA.ca: Long time rivals meet Saturday in Yates Cup quarter-final

OUA.ca: Depth Charts for the OUA Quarter-Finals

Recent History: McMaster has a clear edge in the series over the last decade. It’s notable that Guelph has never won at Ron Joyce Stadium which opened in 2008. Mac has 10-3 edge since 2007.

2016 – Mac 27-15
2015 – Guelph 33-23
2014 – Mac 20-15 [Yates Cup]
2014 – Mac 34-27 OT
2013 – Guelph 24-22
2012 – Mac 30-13 [Yates Cup]
2012 – Mac 50-9
2011 – Mac 37-13
2010 – Mac 43-35
2009 – Mac 32-29
2008 – Mac 32-31
2007 – Guelph 25-21 [OUA quarterfinal]
2007 – Mac 37-36

Media Coverage: The game will be on local Cable 13 in Hamilton and streamed on OUA.tv. There should be a radio broadcast on TSN1150.


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One Response to Q-Final Preview – Guelph @ McMaster

  1. Bob from Burlington says:

    If Guelph can hang around in the first half- this could be a possible upset. McMaster in truth should have bagged first place in the OUA and only a missed pass with seconds to go(with blown Mustang coverage) in game in London last week puts Marauders in this position of first round of playoffs. My Mustangs did escape with a lucky win last week!

    Mac has at times under performed this season- I’m not convinced they will miss the mark today. Guelph by all rights should not be playing this game as Gaels loss in last quarter in final game of the season helped immensely. I would be shocked if Gryphons win this game against Mac given their tough season so far. Having noted this- I do believe there is more than one upset to happen in these OUA playoffs- but figured that this is more likely to happen in the next round

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