Final thoughts on York & making the playoffs

It couldn’t have been easy choosing this week’s offensive and defensive Players of the Game. A 52-8 blowout tends to produce multiple strong performances and a boatload of positive stats. Being chosen under those competitive circumstances says a lot about the play of Johnny Augustine [offense], Tristan Doughlin [defense] and Jordan Terrio [Special Teams]. There were several others who would have to have been considered. Kade Belyk, Mack Jones, Luke Korol, Derek Drouillard and Nick Parisotto come to mind.

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Image from / Photos: Kyle Rodriguez

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There is some truth to the suggestion that the Gryphons backed their way into the playoffs. Yes, Guelph had to win over York but they also needed Windsor and Queen’s to lose. Those two teams faced higher ranked opponents in Laurier and Ottawa.

The Ottawa at Queen’s game was more than a little dramatic with the feisty Golden Gaels leading all the way to the wire. The Gee-Gees tied it late and forced OT. After Queen’s scored 7 points, Ottawa matched their TD but opted to go for 2 points to win.

With Guelph and Queen’s season on the line, this was the final play …

And some coverage from the local CTV News station – Guelph Gryphs get chance for redemption in OUA football playoffs  and Guelph visits McMaster for sudden death Q-final

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Here is your link for tickets to Saturday’s Quarter-Final – Marauder Box Office.

It is interesting that the game has a 4 p.m. kickoff time. The other OUA Quarter-Final starts at 1 p.m.. I been asking for staggered start times for years. As a big OUA football fan I want to be able to watch (potentially) both games. That’s not possible when they run concurrently. I like this change.

Plus, the late start time is better for tailgating!!

Some other very positive news from the OUA … OUA and CHCH continue broadcast partnership for 109th Yates Cup playoffs. This ensures that one of the Semi-Finals and the Yates Cup game will be televised. The arrangements are pretty much the same as last year with Mark Lee handling the play-by-play and Justin Dunk providing the colour commentary. I was very happy with the quality of last year’s broadcast.

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It occurred to me the other day that Guelph’s James Roberts is the most experienced “playoff” QB in this year’s Yates Cup playoffs.

McMaster, Ottawa and Carleton all have 5th year QBs but they don’t have a lot of OUA playoff experience. Mac’s Asher Hastings lost in a Q-Final last year. Ottawa’s Derek Wendell lost in a 2014 Q-Final at Mac. Carleton’s Jesse Mills beat Queen’s in a Q-Final last year before losing to Guelph in the Semi-Final.

The most experienced playoff QB after Roberts would be Western’s Stephenson Bone but he is the backup to starter Chris Merchant who has never appeared in a college playoff game. That is also true of Laurier’s Michael Knevel who originally arrived at Laurier in 2013 but wasn’t a part of the 2015 Hawks squad that won a Q-Final.

Roberts is only in his 3rd year at Guelph but he has appeared in two Yates Cups and two Semi-Finals. He started all 3 of Guelph’s playoff games in 2015.

QB James Roberts vs Ottawa Photo: Lou Toppan

QB James Roberts vs Ottawa
Photo: Lou Toppan

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