Game Day – Oct 22/16

Once again Dan Crabbe has organized the Great Chili Cookoff or Chili Bowl VI. It started out six years a go as a small event with some of his 1990’s teammates. Now it is much more than that. Bragging rights, your name on a trophy …


I was honoured to be invited to join the competition. The problem was it immediately created some tension in the Duncan home as Elisabeth and I had serious disagreements about what should go into a chili. Rather than fight about it we are submitting separate entries.

Dueling chilies

Dueling chilies

*     *    *

I discovered another story on the game and the Gryphons playoff situation at the new Guelph Sports Journal – Gryphs hoping for wins from Laurier and Ottawa.

I’m 80-90% confident that Guelph will be in the OUA playoffs. I don’t see Queen’s slowing down the Ottawa offense enough that they can stay in the game. As I’ve said before, Laurier is very focused and executes extremely well against weaker teams. I know that Faulds’ teams have had struggles with Windsor in the recent past but those programs have been heading in different directions in recent years.

*     *     *

Check back for some additional comments once I get to Guelph. Go Gryphons!

Dan and Andrea won the Chili Bowl. That’s the 4th time in six years. Congratulations! Though some people are starting to think the voting may be rigged, there are no leaked emails to substantiate it.


Mayor Cam Guthrie dropped by to have his photo taken with Chili Bowl Champion Dan Crabbe



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