Pre-Homecoming hype

In my preview of the game with Western tomorrow I didn’t even mention it was the University of Guelph’s Homecoming game, or #GryphonHC16. I didn’t do that deliberately but is also wasn’t an oversight. The game is important and compelling on top of being the Homecoming game.

That said, Homecoming and the national TV exposure via City TV should take the atmosphere to another level.

It will start with the POP Group tailgate, the biggest OUA tailgate party of the year. And yes, they are going whole hog and roasting a pig. Darryl Korol and his crew are probably setting up right now (Friday night) in parking lot P7. I know they were planning to have their Gyrphon barbeque hot and ready by 9 p.m..



*     *     *

Sportnet’s Arash Madani who will do the play-by-play of the game, has been tweeting about the game all week. Here are just a couple of samples …

He is not the only one excited for the game. Students are busy buying and selling HC tickets for twice their price on social media and  …

There is no question about it – having this game on national television is a good thing. It is part of a 4-game deal between the CIS and City TV for this season but it could to bigger things in the future. If you not coming to the game be sure to tune in.


One of the benefits of being on TV is the promotion that goes along with it.

Finally, your official Homecoming checklist …

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