My thoughts on the interesting changes in the CIS Top 10

The weekly CIS Top 10 poll came out today and for the first time since early 2012 the Guelph Gryphons aren’t in it. That means a streak of 30-some consecutive appearances in the Top 10 came to an end.

Is that a big deal? Not really! Or in the pre-season of 2015 I wouldn’t have written that the Western Ontario Mustangs would be ranked ahead of the Gryphons all season but that Guelph would win the Yates Cup.

I do like that there is a weekly poll during the CIS season but it still doesn’t matter in the big picture. Historically, some teams are generally given the benefit of the doubt by the voters. Western has always been one of those teams and Guelph hasn’t been. Not a big deal even though you’d think, if nothing else, that being the Yates Cup Champs would count for something.

I actually find it funny that five OUA teams – Carleton, Western, Laurier, Ottawa & McMaster – are ranked ahead of Guelph. None of those teams have won more games than Guelph. Three of them have the same 2-1 record as the defending Yates Cup Champion Gryphons. How do these voters make their decisions?


An interesting sidenote … the now UNRANKED Gryphons will face the newly-ranked #8 Ottawa GeeGees this Saturday in Ottawa. Guelph is 2-1 and Ottawa is 2-0.

This will be Ottawa’s third appearance in the Top 10 in the past 4 years. Coincidentally, each of these three appearances happened in the week that the GeeGees were about to play Guelph. The past two years the Gryphons crushed Ottawa in those match-ups – 42-7 in 2014 and 48-26 in 2015.

Does that mean the Gryphons will win this week? Of course not. But I do like the chances of the 108th Yates Cup Champions. Look for my preview of the game to be posted on the blog by Thursday night.

Quick reminder … if you are thinking about going to the game in Ottawa join other Gryphon alumni, family and the Friends of Gryphon Football for a pre-game breakfast buffet. Click here for more info about the event which includes tickets to the game and shuttle bus service to the stadium. There is no public parking at the stadium.

The deadline to purchase these tickets is Wednesday night. Want to join us for the pre-game get-together but not need game tickets? The cost is $20 but you have to contact me directly at



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