Game 2 Preview: Guelph @ Windsor

Lancers logoI was planning to make the trip down to Windsor for this game right up until Saturday. But, with having just moved into a new house Friday, it now seems a little to ambitious an idea. I can use that travel time to do a dozen necessary things around here. Like getting my computer unpacked and hooked up in time to watch today’s game on

Previews & related links:

CIS website’s season preview for the Windsor Lancers’s game preview

After breaking down the game film of their 78-6 loss at TD Waterhouse Stadium in London Aug. 28, Lancers football head coach Joe D’Amore said he saw effort from his players against Western but his team learned they cannot commit turnovers or allow multiple blocked punts in a contest and expect to come back.

“Those are the kinds of mistakes that we’re not in the position to recover from as a football program,” D’Amore said. “It’s a tough loss against a really good football team … but the big thing for us is the effort was there and assignment mistakes can be corrected.”’s game preview

My Thoughts: I look at this game a lot like last week’s with UofT. The Lancers are a rebuilding team that shouldn’t present more than a perfunctory challenge to Guelph if the Gryphons play well. Come out flat or lose focus late in the game and Windsor has enough talent to make you look bad.

The Lancers season started in exactly the same way as it did last year with a massive blowout loss to Western. Last year that sent them into a tailspin ’til mid-season. I wouldn’t be surprised if this version of the Lancers is ready to bounce back more quickly.

I watched little bits of their opener last weekend and I was thinking that their new American QB Jalen Brady looked pretty good. Then he threw a pick. Give him a chance to adjust to the CIS game and I think he will be good. Windsor running back Tarrance Crawford is the other player on their offense to watch.

Here is the link to the depth charts and rosters for today’s games.

With respect to the Gryphon roster there are a few changes from week 1. However, as the road team Guelph will only be able to dress 47 of the players on the 55-man roster. Not listed again are LT Jaylan Guthrie and DT Greg Corfield. Missing from the roster this week is DE Justis Croasdale who was injured on the opening play last week. The good news … RB Johnny Augustine who left the opener in the first Q last week with a foot or ankle injury is listed as the starter.

Recent series History: Guelph is 8-1 against Windsor since 2007. The lone loss was in 2011, a 2-6 season for the Gryphons. The 2013 game was also very close. It took a gut-check final drive, complete with a game-winning FG from Daniel Ferraro, to pull that one out. The Lancers also played Guelph relatively tough last year. While Guelph pretty much controlled the game Windsor came up with some big plays to make it uncomfortable for the Gryphons.

2015 – 41-27 Guelph
2014 – 24-9  Guelph
2013 – 31-21 Guelph [Q-Final playoff game]
2013 – 24-23 Guelph
2012 – 28-9 Guelph
2011 – 41-21 Windsor
2010 – 41-14 Guelph
2009 – did not play
2008 – 34-8 Guelph
2007 – 36-10 Guelph

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