Homecoming game to be on national TV

On Wednesday the CIS announced a deal with Rogers Sportsnet to broadcast 4 CIS football games nationally over the CITY TV network. One of those games will be the University of Guelph’s September 24 Homecoming Game. It is a rematch of last year’s Yates Cup with the Gryphons taking on the Mustangs of Western Ontario.


Since 3 of the 4 games are OUA contests and the OUA remains without a television contract, this is an important announcement. There is still no word, however, on whether the OUA has found a broadcast partner the 2016 Yates Cup or any other playoff games.

I really hope the OUA can pull a rabbit out of their hat at the last minute like they did last year when they partnered with CHCH TV. I thought those OUA broadcasts were some of the highest quality CIS broadcasts I have seen. Light years better than their old OUAA Game of the Week broadcasts that we all loved back in the day.

I hope we see a huge and boisterous crowd for this year’s Homecoming Game. Tickets for that game, and the Gryphons other home games, can be purchased here.

UofG Homecoming crowd

Student tickets go on sale closer to game day.

Univ of Guelph students lineup for Homecoming Game tickets in 2013

Univ of Guelph students lineup for Homecoming Game tickets in 2013

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