Gryphons roll over V-Blues

The Gryphons rolled to a 41-22 win that was easier than the final score suggests. While I admit I was disappointed to see the Gryphons seem to lose their focus in the 4th Quarter, I also think there may be a good lesson in it. This is a very young team in comparison to last year and they will need to develop their own winning “attitude” and mental toughness.

Based on their post-game comments, it sounds like head coach Kevin MacNeill and some of his players are looking at this the same way I did.

“Week 1, obviously there’s some things we want to clean up but the good thing is that an ugly win is still a win,” interim head coach Kevin MacNeill said. “That’s what we’ll take away from it. We’ll look at the film and make sure we clean up the little things that kind of allowed them to come back in the game.”

“It wasn’t the prettiest win,” fifth-year defensive back Tristan Doughlin said. “We’ve got some growing pains and we’ve got plenty of things to fix, but when we fix that stuff, we’ll be balling out again. Next week we’ll be more sound and ready to go.”

Overall, I think this was a good win. Maybe this team did let up a little too soon but they did unquestionably dominate for the first three quarters. They did that with 11 new starters in the line-up and 21 players dressed as Gryphons for the first time, including 13 true freshmen.

The offense exceeded all the goals that I have [average 500 yards per game, min 200 yards rushing, minimal turnovers, etc.]. James Roberts was sharp completing 22 of 30 passes for 260 yards. The was also great balance with 287 yards thru the air and 283 yards on the ground.

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From Jones, Baines, Ferraro named Gryphon Football Players of the Game

Mack Jones was also named the University’s Male Athlete of the Week.

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Photos courtesy of Lou Toppan …

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