More observations & links from the first 3 days of TC

TC Day2 1

I haven’t been back to Alumni Stadium since Sunday/Day1 but I still have some things to share. I actually may not make it back until the combined practice and scrimmage with McMaster on Sunday.

First, the links:

Guelph Tribune/Mercury: Defending Yates Cup Champions prepare for 2016 season. The key points therein – this year’s “Team First” motto, the quality of the coaching staff and …

The “interim” tag that accompanies his title is not something he’s really thinking about, says MacNeill.

“I’m not even really focussing on that. I look at it like every coaching job is basically dependent on your performance every year, regardless of your contract. For me it’s just one game at a time,” he said.

Gryphon Football Team App: O-Line – It starts with us. Rob Massey talks with two players – the 5th year veteran & CFL draft pick Kyle Fraser …

“The CFL camp was great,” Fraser-Audit said. “Coach Bryan Chiu (Ottawa’s offensive line coach) was phenomenal. He taught me some stuff to bring back to university which I’ve been trying to work on really hard to improve my game. I found that with the CFL camp, the CIS slowed down a little for me. It’s not as quick any more. I can play better instead of focusing more on my assignment out there. I already know what I’m supposed to be doing.”

And 3rd year player Eric Starczala …

Making a challenge to be the starting centre, replacing Nesbitt, is third-year Gryphon Eric Starczala.
“I played it growing up,” he said of his experience at the position.
He also feels that many conversations with Nesbitt the past two years helped get him ready to step in as Nesbitt’s replacement.
“It’s a lot of pressure,” Starczala said. “He was really smart and knew a lot of stuff. I’ve talked to him a lot. I had two years underneath him and all the older guys, they helped us a lot. I’m pretty confident I know what I’m doing.”
He feels it’s the same for all the other offensive linemen who’ll step up to be starters this season.
“We were all under the older guys for a couple of years and we all gained experience from them and learned a lot from them,” he said. “I think we’re going to be fine. We should be, we’re all very confident.”

*     *     *

The Gryphons were out of the field for practice through all the rain on Day 3. That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who knows Coach MacNeill. He’s not the type to baby anyone. The weather must have kept a lot of the people with cameras off the field as I have yet to see any photos/video from Day3.

Here is some video from Day2 shared on social media by Head Scout Steve O’Brien.

And the one I retweeted … Keysean Powell with the “shake”.

J Kelly

Jayden Kelly #14

Speaking of the freshman Powell, also out of Barrie St Joan of Arc was 2015 recruit Jayden Kelly, another speedster and OFSAA Track & Field medalist. Kelly did not enroll as expected last year, so it was a very pleasant surprise to me to see him out on the field this week.



*     *     *

Excuses from the Editor: Something has gone wrong with WordPress and I can’t upload photos “temporarily”. But that has gone on for 5 hours now. The balance of this post was going to be photos from Day2 with some “enlightening” comments. But I don’t have time to wait for WordPress any longer. Check back late tonight and if things are working I will finish this post.



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