CFL cut-down day brings good & bad news

CFL teams have made their final cuts and determined their rosters for this week’s regular season openers.

As of today there are ten former Gryphons with CFL “jobs”.

Alouettes logo




Jeff Finley – DT
Jake Piotrowski – OG
Alex Charette – WR [6-game injured list]
A’dre Fraser – WR

Argos logo





Jake Reinhart – LS/LB
Cam Walker – DE
Curtis Newton – LB [practice roster]

Ticats logo




Ryan Bomben – OG

Stamps logo




Rob Maver – Punter
Cam Thorn – OL

Congrats to these ten players but there are a few disappointed players as well.

Linebacker John Rush was released by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Receiver/Returner Ryan Nieuwesteeg was let go by the Toronto Argonauts. Offensive lineman Kyle Fraser-Audit failed to catch on with the Ottawa RedBlacks. Offensive lineman Matthew Toppan was released by the Montreal Alouettes.

Nieuwesteeg, Fraser-Audit and Toppan all have CIS eligibility remaining. I expect Nieuwesteeg and Fraser-Audit will return to Guelph to use their 5th year of eligibility while hoping to get a second chance in a CFL training camp in 2017. Toppan, like Rush, has already graduated. I expect they both will be hoping to hear from other CFL teams, or get a call-back if injuries occur.

*     *     *

UPDATE: While the names of the players that the Montreal Alouettes released did not include A’dre Fraser, his mom tells me the Als are “returning” him to Guelph while retaining his CFL rights. Sounds like what they did with Jake Piotrowski back in 2013.

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