3 Gryphons playing in today’s East-West Bowl

2016 East-West Bowl

Donnavan Carter, Johnny Augustine, James Roberts, Orion Edwards, Devin Kavanagh and Adam Grandy [L-R]

Johnny Augustine, Orion Edwards and James Roberts are set to perform today in the 2016 East-West Bowl at McGill University. The trio of Gryphons and several coaches have been in Montreal since Tuesday participating in the CIS’s East-West Bowl Week activities. That included a combine before CFL scouts and coaches, several days of practices and a banquet last night.

The week’s activities culminates with the East-West Bowl game this afternoon at 1 p.m..

You can watch it at CIS TV

More links on E-W Week:

CFL.ca – Preview: Top Prospects Clash in 14th Annual East-West Bowl

CIS Website – Updated Rosters and Coaching Staffs

Full East-West Combine – Full Results

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Augustine, Edwards and Roberts join a long list of Gryphons who have participated in previous East-West Bowls.

2015 – Curtis Newton, Tristan Doughlin, Donnie Egerter and Kyle Fraser
2014 – Jazz Lindsey, Cam Walker and Alex Charette
2013 – John Rush, Rob Farquharson and Jeff Finley
2012 – Dillon Dimitroff, Cam Thorn and Jake Piotrowski
2011 – Jordan Duncan, Mike Millar and Saxon Lindsey
2010 – Jedd Gardner, Sebastian Howard and James Savoie
2009 – Adam Dunk, Nick FitzGibbon, Grant MacDonald and Rob Maver
2008 – Justin Dunk, Andrew Crosby, Chris Gervais and Jamie Shaw
2007 – Justin Dunk and Ian Keleher
2006 – Chris Hladich, Adam Wigdor and Dave McKoy
2005 – Andrew VanKerrebroek, Ryan Keleher, Andrew Oosterhuis, Pete DeGouw and Chris McIntyre
2004 – Mike Dougherty, Kevin Adam and Trevor Small
2003 – Anthony Mason and Mike Dougherty

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