Patience pays off for new Defensive Coordinator

Asst DC/LB coach Adam Grandy talks with LB John Rush

Asst DC/LB coach Adam Grandy talks with LB John Rush

There are not a lot of full-time job opportunities for football coaches in Canada. So, when Adam Grandy turned down the offer of a full-time defensive coordinator’s position at a rival OUA school a year ago, he was taking quite a risk. That risk has paid off for the Gryphons linebackers coach.

Less than a year later, Grandy has been promoted to the position of Defensive Coordinator at Guelph. On top of the promotion, and a raise in pay, he has a Yates Cup ring to show for his patience. Grandy replaces Kevin MacNeill who served as defensive coordinator for six seasons, prior to being named the “interim” head coach back in January.

A graduate of Burlington’s M.M. Robinson High School and McMaster University, Grandy has been on the Gryphon staff since the 2012 season. He has worked exclusively on the defensive side of the ball, primarily with the linebackers. He has coached two LBs who have been named All Canadians in Curtis Newton and John Rush. He has held the title of Assistant Defensive Coordinator since 2014.

Some more biographical details from his 2015 coaching profile:

A graduate of McMaster University, Adam was a Linebacker for the Marauders and a member of the 2003 Yates Cup Championship team. Adam has coached in Burlington for the last 10 years working with the Burlington Stampeders and the M.M. Robinson Rams High School team.

Adam has also been a member of the Team Ontario Selects coaching staff for the last 3 years. Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from McMaster University (2007) and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor (2011) where he was a Graduate Assistant/Linebacker Coach during the 2010 season.

My thoughts on this “hiring”: Adam Grandy is a excellent choice.  The fact that another program offered him a job only verifies the respect people have for his coaching abilities. His selection is what I said I expected back on the day that Kevin MacNeill’s promotion was announced.

Guelph has one of the best coaching staffs in the OUA. That’s why promoting from within makes sense in both cases – i.e. MacNeill and Grandy. And that’s why other CIS programs have tried to hire away our assistant coaches on more than one occasion. At least three instances that I’m aware of.

I also think that continuity is important. Promoting Grandy, as opposed to bringing in an outsider, keeps the staff together, the schemes and terminology the same. Not that at some point in time new systems and philosophies won’t be needed, but right now at Guelph things are working, so I’m of the mind … if it ain’t broke, don’t fix. I also think that the Gryphon staff is doing more in terms of professional development than almost any other team in the CIS. Continued P.D. helps to keep things fresh.

A couple other things to like … Grandy is a hard worker on the recruiting trail. He makes it out to a lot of games. As a coach who has until very recently been coaching high school and summer football he has a lot of contacts, knowledge and credibility with coaches. Grandy, along with OL Coach Mike MacDonald, has done a lot to re-establish Guelph’s connections to the talent pool in Burlington and Oakville.

New Defensive Coordinator Adam Grandy

New Defensive Coordinator Adam Grandy

Grandy’s commitment has also included a willingness to give up some of his evenings and weekends to coach and/or evaluate elite teams – Team Ontario, Team O Selects, for example.

I also like that Coach Grandy, who is entering his fifth season with the Gryphons has taken the time and made an effort to meet and get to know Gryphon alumni and supporters. That has included attending a half dozen or more of the Friends of Gryphon Football‘s regional receptions over the past 3 years. Hopefully, he will be at tomorrow’s event in London and more members of the Gryphon family will be able to meet him.

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