Donnie Egerter’s highlights

DT Donnie Egerter Photo:

DT Donnie Egerter

Donnie Egerter is another in a long line of Gryphon players to come to Guelph from the Niagara Region. A big body right out of high school [St Paul’s, Niagara Falls], Egerter saw action as a freshman. He started several games as a sophomore, more as a junior and all 11 games as a senior. His playing time reflected his progress as a player. The 6’3″ 295 pound Egerter earned an OUA 2nd team All Star selection in 2015.

Egerter still has a year of eligibility. But he had a good performance at last year’s East-West Bowl and is on the radar of several CFL teams. I expect (hope) he will be back for a 5th year but that could be dependent on what happens with the CFL. A DT doesn’t have to have big stats to be impressive but Egerter’s 33.5 tackles, 4 sacks and 8 TFLs in 2015 were impressive numbers in my opinion. Significantly better than some players who have been high CFL draft picks in recent years. We’ll have to wait and see.

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