Stu Lang will step down as head coach

The public announcement was made this afternoon via … University of Guelph Gryphons football head coach Stu Lang has begun transitioning from his day to day coaching to an advisory role.

The announcement continues …

Lang will remain head coach until a new head coach is named, after a new U of G athletic director is appointed.

“We are grateful to coach Lang for everything he has done with the Guelph Gryphons.  He has moved the program to be one of the top programs in the country and we look forward to his continuing input,” said Kendall, who is retiring.

And what is Stu’s future role?

“While Stu is stepping down as head coach, he is not leaving the program. He has committed to providing general management support to the team into the future. He has also agreed to oversee the completion of the $ 6.5 million players’ Pavilion and support the many on- and off-field programs he began. This exemplifies who Stu is, and why he was such a successful coach. He is devoted to his players, not just to help them succeed athletically but to grow into exemplary citizens who represent the University of Guelph well.”

Read the full story here.

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My quick thoughts: This news was not a surprise to people close to the program. Coach Lang informed the executive of Friends of Gryphon Football about this likelihood back in July. As for the timing … I’m sure Lang’s plan was to give the program as early a start as possible on the search for a new coach. I’m not sure how important an early start will be. While Guelph could potentially try to make a big-splash hire like UBC did with Blake Nill, I think the leading candidates may be closer to home – Defensive Coordinator Kevin MacNeill, Running Backs Coach Neil Lumsden and former Gryphon player & coach Pat Tracey.

Coaching stability has been a strength for the program since 2010. Guelph has had less turnover among key coaches than any other program in the OUA. That’s also been a major selling factor with recruits. That tends to make me think that someone in or close to the program will be the new coach.

Coach Lang holds the Yates Cup Photo: Lou Toppan

Coach Lang holds the Yates Cup
Photo: Lou Toppan

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One Response to Stu Lang will step down as head coach

  1. An advisory role, eh? Dare I say his potential impact could have wider athletic department breadth, like a certain blogger speculated about earlier in the season?

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