Gryphons fall 25-10 in Mitchell Bowl

Carabin O vs UG D

Photo: Lou Toppan

Guelph’s breakthrough season was ended yesterday by the Montreal Carabins. There really wasn’t much left to doubt as Montreal looked to be the superior team. I don’t think any OUA competitor we faced this year helped much to prepare us for this game. If the OUA had embraced the N8 proposal for regular season national interlock games on national TV, Guelph would have hosted Calgary and played Laval in Quebec City. Win or lose, those games would have done more to prepare Guelph for post-season play outside the OUA.

I thought the Gryphons held their own on defense and special teams. Where we really came up short was on offense. In my opinion the numbers that most explain the outcome – a measly 65 rushing yards, only 14 1st downs and 3 interceptions. One place where I thought Montreal really excelled was tackling. Numerous times Guelph backs or receivers were stopped for short gains, that surely would have been much bigger plays against OUA opponents.

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♦  Biggest game in 31 years!? The pre-game tailgating certainly lived up to, or exceeded, expectations. There were parties all over the P19 parking lot. As always the Parents-of-Players group set the pace. But Gryphon football alumni were out in bigger numbers than I have ever seen before. And it was a very nice change to have some opposing fans to tailgate with us. There is so little tailgating at other OUA stadiums and so few fans of visiting OUA teams who tailgate that this may be the first time I ever remember interacting with large numbers of opposing fans. That made it even more fun!!


This blogger with nine of his favourite Carabin fans  //  Photographer: Randy Dimitroff

Mitchell tailgate

Photo: Lou Toppan

♦  Announced attendance was only 3,780. That disappoints me. In part, because it continues a downward trend for post-season attendance in the OUA. The past few Yates Cup semis and finals, and the Mitchell Bowl the past two years, have not attracted nearly enough students to the games. That is a shame and I hope OUA/CIS marketing people will find new ways to engage/motivate the student populations at Guelph, McMaster, Western, et cetera.

♦  I watched the game from the GryFan Zone atop the Hill. The experience up there was pretty good. The lineups for beverages were annoyingly long most of the time as staff hand-poured from individual bottles for every order. It was the first time all season there was a decent crowd up there. But that is just one kink that needs to be worked out. Overall the GryFan Zone idea was a good one that needs to continue and grow.

♦  One thing about watching from the GryFan Zone, there is a little less watching and a little more socializing. I’m going to sit down and re-watch the game broadcast in a few minutes. I will definitely have some more comments to share in the next 24 hours

♦  Finally, this has been a great season for the Gryphons. Winning a Yates Cup for the first time since 1996 was a real breakthrough – Going Beyond the plateau of 7-1 and a playoff loss. The Gryphons are champions!! They look to be positioned well for sustained success in future years and hopefully that includes getting beyond this new plateau and back to the Vanier Cup.

Mitchell pass

Photo: Lou Toppan

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3 Responses to Gryphons fall 25-10 in Mitchell Bowl

  1. No doubt, winning a Yates and making to a national semi was another plateau that the Gyphs have pushed through. Good on them! It makes the Ontario league all the better. I’m not necessarily sure what to do about the lack of attendance trend; it sure is perplexing. But, I will say, the amount of in-game entertainment at Alumni was the best I’ve ever seen. There was obvious effort put into the skits and promos. The trick will be making sure that there is a built-in continuity of programming, so that the gains made by those kids aren’t completely lost as they graduate and move on. Great job as always, Pete. Keep it up!

  2. Birddawg says:

    Congrats to the Gryphons on a great season. I’m lucky to follow a team that has had so much success over recent years and that has provided extrodinary excitment. Montreal’s win was a no doubter, they were superior in nearly every aspect of the game. I was amazed at their level of play. Now the program has to find another gear if it ever wants to win a national title again. Lets hope the Gryphon program has the will and the want to take the next step. Go Gryphs go!!

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