Q & A with Allezlesblues bloggers

Freshman recruit Charlie Taggart getting after Carabins QB Gabriel Cousineau Photo: carabins.umontreal.ca

Freshman recruit Charlie Taggart getting after Carabins QB Gabriel Cousineau in 2014 exhibition game
Photo: carabins.umontreal.ca

A big thank you to the bloggers at Allez les Bleus for answering some questions about their team, the UdeMontreal Carabins. They are active on Twitter and can be followed at @allezlesbleusca .

1. Your team won the Vanier Cup last year in a very close game with McMaster. How does the 2015 version of the Carabins differ from the team we saw in last year’s Coupe Vanier?

A bit different, 2 defensive leaders B. Archambault and M. Girard are now playing for the TiCats and in offense, our best receiver went to the Alouettes.

2.  When I think of UdeMontreal I think … strong defense, and balanced offense with an outstanding 5th-year QB in Gabriel Cousineau. I can name just 4 other players – DE J.S. Blanc, WR Regis Cibasu and RBs Sean Erlington and Gabriel Parent. What else (and who else) should Gryphon fans know about this Carabins team?

J-S Blanc is also with the Als as a FB. You will probably see #88 L-M Normandin a rookie extraordinaire who can beat you short and long and #11 G. Paquette a mid-size receiver that always seems free.

Extra : We have a very strong dline who applies a lot of pressure but doesn’t have the “sacking” speed. As per Maciocia-Thorpe scheme, there will always be different pressure, it can vary between 3 and 6 men on the line… usually 5. You’ll see #49 F. Chagnon sometimes going in, sometimes pulling back into coverage. 

Deux Fans

On offense, we started running 4-5 games ago, and since then, Erlington has wings…

The Special teams could be the most interesting part. Since the last 2-3 games we have serious problems on coverage. And since you have a very good returner…

We should win the battle of positioning as our punter can drive the ball 55 y down the field…

Where you win is on place kicking, where our kicker has SERIOUS problems…

3.   Saturday’s Mitchell Bowl will be the Carabins first-ever national playoff game outside of Montreal and first visit to Guelph. It would be easy to underestimate the impact of travel, new circumstances and changed routines. What does this mean to the program and what impact may it have on the team?

I don’t think it will have much of an impact. They tried to reproduce the week as a regular football week and they’re going to sleep in the TO area.

4.   I had a great time at the August 2014 exhibition game in Montreal between our teams. I know other Guelph fans who made the trip felt the same way. How are Montreal fans feeling about playing in an out-of-province, national playoff game? How many fans do you think will be making the trip Guelph?

We’re very excited about that, there will be a parent bus and maybe 20 persons coming by their own means. We will be at your tailgate, probably with a plastic cup in our hand.

Don’t forget that we won 2 Championships games at the PEPS [Laval’s 15,000 seat stadium], so the Guelph crowd couldn’t be as intimidating…

A few more thoughts from Deux Fans …

There’s also one thing – we are usually horrible in the 3rd quarter, I mean Waterloo horrible in the 3rd quarter (don’t askme why)

… and we create a lot of turnovers … A LOT

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