Quick thoughts on Semi-final win over Carleton

Johnny Augustine rips it up against Carleton Photo: Karyn Steplon/Gryphons.ca

Johnny Augustine rips it up against Carleton

  • I think it was Justin Dunk who asked me at the pre-game Tailgate what I expected the score to be. I said I thought 35-20, the same as CFC’s prediction, was very realistic. Oh, look … 33-21. Pretty darn close. Another 32-point win would have been nice but it wasn’t realistic. It was hard to expect the Guelph defense not to allow Carleton an offensive touchdown two games in a row.
  • What wild weather we had to put up with AGAIN this season. It felt much colder than the 7 or 8 degrees C that was forecast. It rained. It hailed. It kept hailing. The wind howled. And it was surprisingly warm during the brief periods the sun shone on us. Amazing how much blue sky I could see over OTHER parts of Guelph.
  • What a game for Johnny Augustine! 245 yards on 35 carries. That’s 7.0 yards per carry. Augustine was named the Player of the Game by the CHCH TV people. Augustine had 64 yards on 15 carries in the first game vs CU. Contrast that with Carleton’s RB Jahvari Bennett. He had 142 yards on 17 carries two weeks ago and 48 yards on 18 carries today. How, as a Gryphon fan, can you not be happy with the adjustments made to the game plans by our coordinators from one game to the next? They completely flipped the results of rushing output and rushing defense.
  • A second thought on the adjustments to the game plan. Or adjustments made to counter our opponents game plans. Recall that the Gryphons also beat Western twice last year. First, Jazz Lindsey passed for 500+ yards. In the Semi-final rematch Rob Farquharson went off for 250 yards. This year James Roberts passed for 4 TDs, 0 INTs & 327 yards. Now in the Semi-final Augustine rushes for almost 250 yards. I love that the Gryphons are able to get it done in multiple ways, taking advantage of what opponents give them.
  • I love seeing 5 different receivers all with 2 or more receptions. As great as the seasons that Jacob Scarfone & A’dre Fraser are having have been, I don’t want to see 80% of our passing go through two receivers. Especially in the playoffs. When teams concentrate on shutting them down it is nice to see others step up.
  • Another zero interception game for James Roberts. As I said in the preview … he has yet to throw a pick against a Top 10 team.
  • Carleton QB Jesse Mills had a nice game – 28-38, 353 yards, 2 TDs & 0 INTs. He was sacked 3 times, pressured often & hit hard a bunch of times. His 2nd passing TD came with only 35 seconds left in the game.
  • Once again DC Kevin MacNeill had a great game plan to take away Carleton’s #1 weapon – WR Nate Behar. Behar’s stats – 5 receptions for 38 yards. His longest reception was 12 yards. The game two weeks ago … 5 receptions for 42 yards. Those numbers are less than half his average per game output this season.
  • I’m currently watching the CHCH broadcast via PVR on a 55″ HD TV. What great quality the picture is! And play-by-play guy Mark Lee and colour commentator Justin Dunk are excellent. Interesting that both are former OUA QBs. Lee at Carleton and Dunk at Guelph. They’ve never been teamed up before. And the very first CHCH broadcast matches them up on a Carleton-Guelph game.
  • Nice to hear Lee refer to John Rush several times as the best middle linebacker in the OUA. Not only should Rush be First Team OUA but he deserves to be a CIS All Canadian IMO.
  • Our offensive and defensive lines both deserve a ton of credit. Carleton likely fields the largest O-line and D-lines in the CIS. You would never know that CU had a large size advantage with the way that Guelph ran the ball, protected the passer, shutdown the CU run game and pressured the CU QB.

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From CHCH TV – “Dunk’s Keys to the Game”


– Win the Turnover Battle – Nope. CU was -1. But that was still a big improvement from -4 in the previous game.
– Stop the Big Play – CU did pretty good job in this regard. Forced Guelph to kick 4 FGs and grind it out. Brandon Gordon’s 51-yd run was the only really big play I recall.


– Slow down Bennett – Excellent work by the defense to limit Bennett to 42 yards
– Contain Adeleke in Return Game – Excellent coverage on specials! A few too many 15-yd No Yards penalties tho’. I can live with the 5-yarders.

Jelani Pascoe #91 pressures Ravens QB Jesse MIlls Photo: Gryphons.ca

Jelani Pascoe #91 pressures Ravens QB Jesse MIlls
Photo: Karyn Steplon/Gryphons.ca


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