OUA Semi-final mid Week thoughts

♦  The Weather Network is forecasting decent weather for Saturday. It won’t be as warm as the last few days but with no rain called for, it should be a nice day for playoff football.

Sat Nov 7

A mix of sun and clouds


♦   Tickets for Saturday’s OUA Semi-final at Alumni Stadium can be purchased online at gryphons.ca/tickets or in person at the Client Services desk of the W.F. Mitchell Athletics Centre.

♦  The people at CanadaFootballChat.com have made playoff predictions for each of the CIS playoff games this weekend, including GUELPH 35 CARLETON 20 and WESTERN 46 LAURIER 24. The predictions are part of the CFC’s CIS playoff previews.

CFC staff correctly predicted Carleton’s win over Queen’s in the Quarter-final but theyare careful to make note of the fact that … Guelph is a much different beast than Queen’s. Ranked in the top five in most defensive categories the Gryphons have specialized in shutting down opposing offenses and should cause the Ravens offense a lot of problems.

Writing in a separate article former McGill head coach Clint Uttley goes the other way saying … I believe we will see the Ravens play the Mustangs in the OUA final with Western advancing to a National Semi-final.

♦  Check out the game preview from Gryphons.ca – Gryphons Host Ravens Saturday with Trip to Yates Cup on the Line. It seems to me that the communications people in the Athletic Department have improved their previews and game stories significantly over the past year or two. This preview is one of their best efforts. Glad to see how clearly they have broken down the game-related information, including sections for “Recent History” and “Broadcast Details”.

The actual “Game Preview” portion of the “preview” does a nice job of working in a lot of individual stats and their place in the record books. James Roberts, Jacob Scarfone, John Rush, Johnny Augustine and others have all reached some notable milestones.

♦  Gryphons.ca mentions James Roberts’ fine performance against Carleton [4 passing TDs, 0 INTs] two weeks ago and his strong showing in relief of Jazz Lindsey [3 passing TDs] in last year’s 51-26 OUA Semi-final win over Western. That reminded me of something I’ve thought about.

QB James Roberts vs Ottawa Photo: Lou Toppan

QB James Roberts vs Ottawa
Photo: Lou Toppan

As a first-year starter Roberts has displayed some of the inconsistency you would expect from a young QB. That would include a 5-interception game [York] and a 3-interception game [Queen’s]. Those two games account for 8 of his 10 INTs for the season. What is key is that he has had ZERO interceptions, and has generally performed very well, in the wins over the three Top 10 ranked teams the Gryphons have faced. The Gryphons are only going to face Top 10 teams from this point forward. So, if Roberts can continue to perform that way this team is in a strong position to make a nice playoff run.

When I say that, I’m acknowledging what would generally seem to be consensus of opinion about this team – i.e. it is the offense which is the weak link. That shouldn’t be surprising when you consider that the unit had to replace some very key players [All Stars & multi-year starters] like Jazz Lindsey, Rob Farquharson and Alex Charette. While it may have looked a little ugly at times during the season, James Roberts – and Johnny Augustine and Jacob Scarfone – has stepped up, grown and performed.

♦  The playoff edition of Krown Countdown U – Episode 11 – 2015 …

♦  More player interviews with Taylor Redmond …


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6 Responses to OUA Semi-final mid Week thoughts

  1. Bob from Burlington says:

    This is a must see game for many non Guelph OUA fans. Between the P-o-P and FoGF pre-game festivities and the return to playoff football of Carleton and it’s former Vanier Cup veteran coach(at St. Mary’s over 10 years ago)- this game sounds so exciting! Yes- the two at home Western games last season(the second one a playoff game) and the game at Mac for Yates were excellent- this one shapes up to be a dandy. Guelph now the favoured team- and Carleton- the underdog- sort of like the opposite of years gone by recently.

    If Carleton plays out of this world again like they did against Queen’s last week and Gryphons kack a furball- Carleton romps. If Carleton plays excellent ball and Guelph plays average- pick’em.

    I will pass on wearing my Western stuff as not having won a Vanier Cup since 1994-not a lot of stuff to boast about despite several Yates Cups in last 8 years. I will be cheering for a good game in Guelph- and hoping that we might have a good Yates Cup in London against Guelph Gryphons.

  2. Bob from Burlington says:

    Hey Peter. Regrettably I was at that game in London 1984 and I believe I detailed my impression of the game here previously. While I may not make it tomorrow as I have had something come up- I will plan to be in London next week if Western wins and Guelph wins. Regrettably there may be an upset in one of the cities. If the Yates in Guelph next week between say Guelph and Laurier- it will not be one to miss!

  3. Bob from Burlington says:

    See you at Yates Peter! With Finch nicked up and concussed , you could be seeing a whole lot of Stevenson Bone. Well done to Guelph to get to Yates Cup final for the third time if four years.

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