Game 6 preview: Queen’s – part 2

Some links related to tomorrow’s game:

First, some clips from Queen’s HC Pat Sheahan’s weekly press conference. This Youtube version begins with … “Guelph is a very formidable opponent …”.

*     *     *

Second, an article from the Kingston Whig-Standard – Gaels face tough test against Gryphons. The article contains quotes from Sheahan’s press conference beyond what is shown in the abbreviated video. Plus some feedback. Just a brief snippet from the article …

KINGSTON — Head coach Pat Sheahan is calling Queen’s run-in with the 5-0 Guelph Gryphons Saturday at Richardson Stadium a litmus test to gauge where the Golden Gaels (3-2) stack up in the upper echelon of the Ontario University Athletics standings.

Sheahan could well call it litmus test II. However, the first such test against the powerful Western Mustangs, also 5-0 at this point in the OUA season, didn’t turn out too well.

When the Gaels played Western in London the litmus test turned purple — as in a 48-25 victory for the purple-clad Mustangs.

Now come the Gryphons, who administered one of the worst defeats on a Queen’s team on Sept. 20 last year, a 66-0 drubbing.

Sheahan pointed out Thursday at his weekly football media conference that plenty of the Gaels players are back looking for a far different outcome.

The problem with that line of thought, however, is that Stu Lang’s Gryphons have a roster heavily weighted with junior and senior players who administered the big thumping.

The article compares the stats of 2nd year QBs James Roberts and Nate Hobbs. One stat that jumps out at you – Guelph has given up 10 sacks through 5 games while Queen’s has allowed 24. Ouch!

*     *     *

Third, an article from blogger Claude Scilley – Guelph, Western remain undefeated; playoff picture coming into focus. The article is from last Sunday but still worth reading particularly for it’s breakdown of potential playoff births.

Fourth, the 55-man rosters and depth charts for the Gryphons and the Gaels.

*     *     *

Finally!! A real, genuine, honest-to-goodness cowbell, complete with the leather collar worn by it’s last owner. Upon inspecting it my dad tells me he thinks it must be at least 75 years old. I can’t wait to ring this baby at tomorrow’s game. A big thank you to Elisabeth Verboom. It wasn’t even my birthday. #Loud&Proud

*      *      *

Krown Countdown U Episode 6 – OUA highlights & discussion begin at the 16:00 minute mark.

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