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Offense – Johnny Augustine
Defense – Curtis Newton
Special Teams – Job Reinhart

SCOUT TEAM PLAYER OF THE WEEK – LB Aidan England – Nelson [Burlington, ON]

From – Gryphon Football Players of the Game – Week 3

At York, the Welland native finished with 186 yards of total offence and three touchdowns. On the ground, Johnny averaged 6.3 yards per carry after rushing 14 times for 90 yards.  Through three games this season, Augustine is averaging 102.7 rushing yards per game and leads the OUA with six rushing touchdowns … Newton led the way for a U of G defence that dominated the Lions, allowing only one offensive touchdown the entire game. Newton and company were also able to hold the Lions to under 100 yards rushing on the day (98), marking the third time in three games this season that opponents have failed to reach the century mark on the ground against the Gryphons. Newton was also named the OUA’s Defensive Player of the Week … Rienhart dominated on punt returns during Saturday’s win over York, highlighted by a pair of pancake blocks of Lions players. Reinhart also created havoc on the Gryphons Kickoff Coverage unit, contested a pooch punt and was in on two tackles on the day.

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The Gryphons remain at #5 in this week’s CIS Top 10


Pts (1st place) Last week
1. Calgary (2-0) 274 (13) 2
2. Laval (2-0) 272 (14) 1
3. Western (3-0) 253 (3) 3
4. Montreal (1-1) 213 4
5. Guelph (3-0) 162 5
6. McMaster (2-0) 144 7
7. Manitoba (1-1) 114 6
8. Mount Allison (1-0) 86 8
9. Sherbrooke (1-1) 48 NR
10. UBC (1-1) 39 10

Other teams receiving votes: Alberta (31), Ottawa (8), Carleton (5), Queen’s (3).

Sportsnet’s Donovan Bennett’s shares his Top 10 ballot each week.

About Football Reporters of Canada

Football Reporters of Canada (FRC) represents journalists and broadcasters in every region of the country covering CIS Football. Since 1958, Football Reporters of Canada has been an organization of media members who have covered the Canadian Football League, serving to select the league’s outstanding players, coach-of-the-year and all-star teams through voting conducted by its members. In 2009, the FRC amalgamated with the University Football Reporters of Canada (UFRC) to give the organization greater scope in its affiliation with amateur and college football. FRC also works with the CFL and CIS to establish guidelines and working conditions for the men and women who report on the game. Selected members of FRC also help to choose builders, players and media members for induction into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Source: CIS

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More thoughts on the York game:

  • Tailback Johnny Augustine is off to a good start as The Man. He had started games prior to 2015 but he was only filling the void for an injured Rob Farquharson. Now, three games into the OUA season Augustine is averaging 102.7 rushing yards per game, even with having sat out the second half against Laurier. Saturday at York we saw more of Augustine’s potential as a receiver when he made 5 catches for 98 yards.
  • While Augustine led all Gryphon receivers with 5 catches vs the Lions I like the consistent performances we are getting from Jacob Scarfone and A’dre Fraser. The pair are ranked 1-2 in the country in receiving yards and in number of receptions. They are #2 & #7 in yards per game. Scarfone has very ably filled the big shoes of Alex Charette, while Fraser looks stronger and fitter than previous years.  I’m hopeful Fraser is over the injury issues that have limited him in each of his first three years and will stay healthy all year. If that is the case, then it’s possible to imagine him living up to his pre-season All Canadian selection.
  • James Ingram stretches out for a TD reception Photo:

    James Ingram stretches out for a TD reception

    Gryphon receivers have made 53 receptions. Fraser and Scarfone have accounted for 41 of those receptions. Running backs have caught 10 passes. No other Gryphon receiver has more than 4 catches.  On the positive side four different Gryphon receivers scored TDs vs York. We really need some other receivers to step up and share the load. It certainly hurts that Lucas Spagnuolo has only been able to play sporadically and it would be great to see him 100% healthy ASAP.

  • I was mistaken when I wrote Sunday night that a Gryphon receiver was responsible for two turnovers. In reality, the plays I had in mind involved two different receivers. They also look a little different when you re-watch the video than they did in-stadium. And, just like you wouldn’t bench a running back for a single fumble, I wouldn’t advocate benching a receiver for one bad play. There needs to be accountability but that would be over the top.
  • The Gryphon defense was very sound against York. No OUA team has managed to rush for 100 yards on the Guelph D so far this season.  The Lions managed only a single offensive touchdown in spite of 6 Gryphon turnovers.
  • Linebacker John Rush led all tacklers with 3 solo tackles & 6 assists. He is now the team’s leading tackler in spite of missing the season opener at Waterloo.
  • Perhaps you had a chuckle when you saw #59 Fraser Speakman listed on the game stats. Turns out Speakman’s name also appeared on the Manitoba game stats as well. No, Speakman is not back for a 6th year. I believe it is freshman LB/DE Chris Larsen who is wearing #59 and appeared in the game at York, recording a tackle.
  • York punted 9 times. They averaged 28.4 yards per punt. I’m going to call that the Nieuwesteeg Effect from this point forward. Late last season we saw Carleton, Laurier and McMaster do the same thing – i.e. punt short and out-of-bounds – in order not to have to defend against All-Canadian punt returner Ryan Nieuwesteeg. It might be a common occurance for much of this season. It doesn’t make Nieuwesteeg any less valuable even if he doesn’t rack up the stats you would expect. Essentially, other teams are saying … “we’re not confident we can stop your punt returner, so we’ll give up 5 or 10 yards of field position rather than be part of the highlight reel”.
Nieuwesteeg versus York Photo: Lou Toppan

Ryan Nieuwesteeg versus York
Photo: Lou Toppan

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