#Guelph Welcomes @UofG Students! #Gryph Takes Over Mayor’s Office! @Guelph_Gryphons

Guelph has a great mayor in Cam Guthrie. I look forward to seeing him at the Homecoming Tailgate!

Mayor Cam Guthrie

On behalf of the City of Guelph I was pleased to say “Welcome – or Welcome Back” to all University of Guelphstudents.

This is the second year we have raised the University of Guelph flag at City Hall. I hope it’s a tradition we will continue for many years to come.
I was pleased to welcome University of Guelph President Franco Vaccarino, as well as Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs Brenda Whiteside.

And, of course, welcome to Gryph! As a loyal Gryphons fan I was particularly glad to see him! But get out of my office!

I have spent some time on the University of Guelph campus this week – welcoming students and attending the annual Community Breakfast. So it was great to be able to host them here at City Hall.

The City of Guelph is fortunate – we enjoy a strong and positive relationship between the University and…

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