Guelph @ Manitoba live blog


I’m going to try the “live blogging” thing once again. It worked out well enough for the 2012 game in Saskatoon, other than for a few breaks in the radio feed I was relying on for information. That live blog received more than 2,200 views and that has a record high at the time.

On the other hand, my attempt last year was a disaster. I experienced significant problems trying to do anything wireless in UdeMontreal’s concrete bunker of a stadium, uptight against Mount Royal. The “network errors” meant I could rarely finish a sentence without my link “crapping out”.

A few things to keep in mind …

  • I am not in Winnipeg watching live. I will be basing my comments, updates and opinions on what I see and hear on CanadaWest TV. You can watch online for a small fee.
  • I won’t be trying to do any play-by-play coverage. My typing speed absolutely makes that impossible. I’ll be providing some summaries of drives, details of big plays, scoring updates, colour commentary, etc..
  • You will need to periodically hit your refresh button to see the latest updates.
  • I will gladly answer any questions posed in the blog’s comment section.

+ + +

+ + +

Rain delay is over. Teams are taking the field for warm-ups. And kick-off is expected …

+ + +

I just listened to the National Anthem. Broadcast has started. Gryphons are wearing white jerseys with grey pants and red helmets.

Gryphons try short KO giving Bisons good field position but D forces a 2&out

+ + +

Guelph goes 2&out. Punt. Bisons ball at their 40.

Mandich knocks down a long pass attempt on 1st down. Another long incomplete attempt with coverage from Mandich again.

Freshman Kade Belyk returning punts.

1st down run for 10+ yards by Augustine called back. Short completion on 2nd&20 means another punt.

Bisons have a short drive. Big play a 17-yd pass. Drive ends with a 34-yd FG. Drive could have ended with a Gryphon pick-6 by Mandich. 3-0 Bisons

+ + +

Another 2&out for Guelph. Big punt for Ferraro. 4th penalty for Guelph. Not good sign.

Short drive for Bisons ends with a punt.. Guelph starts on their 14. Belyk again on the return. All Canadian returner Ryan Nieuwesteeg is not dressed. Booth catches pass for 9 yards. Roberts sneaks on 3rd down to pick up GUelph’s first 1st down. then an 11-yd run by Augustine. Followed by A Fraser catch for 3 FDs in three plays. Gryphons have a drive going.

+ + +

Bisons INT at their 22-yd line. Bisons have a nice drive going. B-2-b rushing 1st downs for the first running success of the game. Bisons at UG 29 to start 2nd Q. Still 3-0.

After a bad snap for UM on 3rd down FG attempt UG ball on their 44. Brandon Gordon for 7 yards on 1st followed by an incomplete pass. Guelph inches short after fake punt run by Carnegie at 54. Bisons ball.

UG forces 2&out. UM punts from centre field. Fumble on punt return. Ball last touched by UM. Bison ball in the red zone.

+ + +

Ball on the 11. 3rd & 1 at the 2 for UM. TD Bisons on a short pass. 10-0 Bisons.

+ + +

Freshman Kyle Sinden with his 2nd KO return. gets out to 25. Gryphons punt on 3rd&2. McGrath with the tackle inside UM 40.

MLBs Rush and now Luke Korol have both been helped off the field with injuries. Freshman Job Reinhart in the game at Mac Backer.

Another big UG penalty puts them back on their 5 after punt exchange. Gordon gains 8 on first then loses 1 yd on 2nd. Another punt. Ferraro who has punted well concedes the safety.

+ + +

UG defence with another 2&out. UM will punt from their 35. Finally some UM Penalties help UG. Start drive at 55.  Then another UG penalty. UM pass interference penalty give UG a 1st down. Guelph punting from UM 50. 35-yd Ferraro punt.

Gryphon D gives up a big pass & run play. Backup SAM LB Croasdale injured and helped off the field. Korol w B-2-b tackles on running plays. UM Attempts another FG from 34. Good. 15-0 UM

+ +

Fraser gains 14 then Carnegie runs for 7. Carnegie loses 3 then 3rd down punt is behind the coverage resulting in no yard penalty.

Three nice runs for Manitoba. I don’t like the looks of that trend. Gryphons stuffed the run to start the game. Bisons moving the ball against UG 2nd teamers. Bisons have the ball just inside the RZ and call timeout on 2nd down. There is a lightning delay with 1:19 left in the second Q. Conclusion of 1st half will be delayed until after Half time break.

This was not the first half I expected from the Gryphons. Penalties were a problem eliminating a couple of nice 1st down pickups and hurting field position. The Guelph offense never seemed to get in a groove. Our special teams didn’t look special. Just ordinary. We win that battle every week in the OUA. I’m as surprised as anyone Ryan Nieuwesteeg is not playing. I had heard nothing of an injury.

The Bisons were pretty much what I expected – a solid team. Manitoba did keep more starters in the game, at least on offense, than the Gryphon D. We were not nearly as tight vs the run as the half progressed. Guelph D was using all 2nd team LBs and mostly 2nd team DLs & DBs as the second Q progressed. Not at all surprised that Deezer is playing like a solid CIS QB.

+ + +

A couple of game highlights courtesy of Krown Countdown’s Jim Mullin:

+ + +

Unfortunately CanWest TV isn’t providing Live Game Stats today. Not that it would look pretty for the Gryphons.

I look for freshman Theo Landers to start the 2nd half at QB for Guelph. Landers is a Jazz lindsey-style QB. We saw little (nothing) of Guelph’s 2 TE formations. Hope that Pat Gerrie & Alex Reid can make some big plays. And a difference!

The final 79 seconds of the first half are underway. Bisons hit short FG on 2nd play. Score 18-0 Manitoba.

Guelph takes the ball at their 35. Pickup a 1st down. And a 2nd 1st down on a 3rd down gamble. Ball of Bisons 38. Back-2-back drops by Gryphon receivers then a missed 44-yd FG. Bisons ball on the 20.

Horta busts thru to drop UM back for a loss. UM’s American freshman QB takes a knee to officially end 1st Half. Score 18-0 Manitoba.

Second half to kick off immediately.

+ + +

Big run by Brandon Gordon for 17. A’dre Fraser catch for 47 yrads ball on Man 17. Then … another freaking penalty. 24-yard pass & run to Husty. 1st n goal on 3. Loss of 5. Incomplete pass. Gabe Ferraro good on 15-yd FG. 18-3 Manitoba.

+ + +

b-2-B bad snaps for UM and UG freshman DB Elijah Walker recovers the 2nd one. Guelph ball deep in Bison territory. Pick up 1st down on Gordon run. After a couple of passes 3rd and goal at Bisons 7. TO Guelph. Pass to Fraser about 10 yrds deep for a TD. Roberts complete to Colin Booth for 2-pt convert. Score 18-11 Manitoba.

UM starting QB Deezar is 6’5″. Backup Billy Hart is 5’10”. Might have something to do with high snaps.

Freshman DT Lucas Brennan makes his 1st CIS tasckle. LB Drouillard has been making plays. Freshman Mike Ciavarella receives the punt.

FYI 17 freshman recruits are dressed and playing today. QB Theo Landers is in the game. Big, big gain [30 yard approx] by Daniel Salmon-palmer called back on penalty. Receiver Scarfone offside. Landers completes to Mesach Green for 20 yards but it comes back on another offside penalty. A 10 rushing gain doesn’t mean much and Gue has to punt from the 15. Concede a safety. Score 20-11 Manitoba.

+ + +

Freshman Chris Larson with a sack. Help from Zack Mallough. Big 46-yd completion for for Manitoba. Ball inside the UG 5. Loss of 1 on run. Pass for a TD. Score Manitoba 27-11.

+ + +

We saw a lot more today of RB Brandon Gordon and Rob Carnegie than Johnny Augustine. I have to hope Johnny wasn’t hurt in the 1st Q. That, plus the fact Mack Jones isn’t in this line-up would be concerning for RB depth.

At this point the score isn’t critical. I’d be happy if the Gryphons played well and didn’t take penalties for the balance of the game.

We’re experiencing a “musical interlude”. Not sure if this is a normal part of a CanWest game?? Maybe like MLB’s 7th inning stretch. My mistake – delay was to deal with injured Bison. Bisons punt from there 45. Return for 8 yards by freshman Akeem Knowles. 2&out for Guelph.


53-yd interception & TD return for freshman LB Job Reinhart. Landers to Belyk for a 2-pt conversion. Score 27-19 Manitoba.

+ + +

LB John Birnie forces a Manitoba fumble but Bisons recover. Next play Man pas completion negated by a penalty. Turnabout is ….

Ciavarella with another punt return. Aaron Perez with his first carry as a Gryphon. Mis up in the backfield when Guelph needs 3 yards. Landers has to keep and finds the 3 yards. Another Perez carry followed by 33 yard Landers to Booth TD. 2-pt convert fails. Score Manitoba 27- Guelph 25.

+ + +

Ferraro KO out of bounds for another Gryphon penalty. Good pressure on the QB results in another near INT.

After a run by freshman Kyle Sinden, there is a “malfunction at the junction” to quote the p-by-p guy LOL! David Luke has the ball escape his grip as he is trying to throw a pass. Recovered by UM DL. Bisons ball at UG 30. Results in a MB FG from the 35. Score 30 Manitoba 30 – Guelph 25.

Manitoba has a solid FG kicker in Jones.

+ + +

B-2-B 11 yard runs for Sinden have UG moving the ball and into Um terrritory. First attempt to a TE goes incomplete – intended for Alex Reid. Ferraro punts for 51 yards.

Jamal Lyles back in the ball game for MB with a big run. Volpe on the tackle. Lyles again with 9 yards. Freshman Elijah Walker with a 40 yard pick-6. Score Guelph 32 – Manitoba 30. 

+ + +

Brandon Gordon with another Spec teams tackle having a good day all around. Manitoba 2nd down after 3-minute warning. Job Reinhart with the sack. Ciavarella returns again but fumbles on contact. Brennan recovers. A. Perez runs for 11, then 3. Perez for 5 more and into FG range. Facemask penalty moves Gue to the 23. An Obj Cond penalty on Manitoba bench moves GUe even closer. QB Luke reads the DE and keeps for a 13-yd TD. Called back on Unnec Roughness Gue. Ball on the 28. Then a time count penalty on Gue results in loss of down. 33-yd FG goes wide right. Single point for Guelph. Score Guelph 33 – Manitoba 30.

Manitoba with nice drive in final minute. Mostly Jamal Lyles running. Manitoba ties it on a last play FG from 27 yard line. Final score Guelph 33 – Manitoba 33.

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