Mid-camp Gryphon news – Aug 21/15

Manitoba bound Gryphons

The Gryphon football team touched down in Winnipeg this afternoon in advance of their pre-season, inter-conference game with the University of Manitoba Bisons. Seventy-one players plus coaches, trainers and other support staff made the trek to . They have already toured the Bisons facilities at Investor Group Field and will hold a walk-thru practice tonight.

I have to admit I’m excited about this game. This is Guelph’s fifth pre-season, inter-conference game in the past six years. The previous games were @Concordia (Montreal) in 2010, Concordia visited Guelph in 2011, @Saskatchewan in 2012 and last year’s trip to the UdeMontreal.

As I’ve said before … I love that Coach Lang is committed to playing out-of-conference games every year. Manitoba will return the visit with a game in Guelph next year. Manitoba has previously played in Guelph in 1974 & 1991.

Look for my game preview of tomorrow’s match-up later tonight.

*     *     *

Rob & Lob Report Day 5 – Johnny Augustine. Best one yet!

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