Former Gryphon new President & CEO

Al DriverFor the first time in its history, Bayer CropScience Canada has a Canadian at its helm and he is a former Gryphon football player and team captain – Al Driver. A Gryphon player under Tom Dimitroff Sr. from 1980 to 1983, Driver graduated with a B.Sc. Agric. degree in 1984. Driver played on a Gryphon defense that was twice #1 in the OUAA and CIAU.

Driver has spent the 30 years since his graduation with Bayer and it’s predecessor companies. Driver also serves on the Board of Directors of Cereal Canada.


“This is the job I’ve always aspired to and I think having a Canadian in the position sends an outstanding message to those within this country’s business community,” says Driver. “You can achieve your goals through successful performance and a career of growth in business.

“I’ve had a great career in the country I call home — I have never had a job I didn’t like,” he adds. “Today I am able to continue to work with a great leadership team that I know well, and we can achieve great things for this company.”

“I started as a sales rep with Bayer (at that time known as Hoechst) on April 1, 1985,” says Driver. “Everyone knew I had always planned to be a dairy farmer so they thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke. But I decided to use both what I learned in school and all those years on the dairy farm and make my career in agri-business.”

Driver worked his way up through the company as it underwent different name changes — from Hoechst, to AgrEvo, to Aventis and now to Bayer CropScience. He moved from Ontario to Alberta, back to Ontario, back to Alberta, then to Saskatchewan, and finally to Alberta again. Along the way he married and had three children — two daughters and a son. He worked as a sales rep, was a regional manager in the west, a portfolio manager for cereals, and then head of sales and marketing before taking on his current role as President and CEO.

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