Some CFL feedback – June 16/15

Thanks to Tim Baines for tipping me off to this gem about Alex Charette in the Montreal Alouettes’ Training Camp Report – Day 16

Harder, bigger, faster, stronger

Players were going at it hard on this second to last practice of training camp as the pace and speed were strong and cohesion between teammates is becoming increasingly evident. Rookies Jacob Ruby, Boris Bede, Brandon Bridge and Alex Charrette continue to shuffle cards, putting up strong performances. Bridge and Charrette were a dynamic duo to be reckoned with on the field, as Charrette caught a few passes from the Canadian quarterback, including an outstanding 30-yard throw that Charrette hauled in for a score.

A week ago I had heard good reports on Charette’s play in the Als’ training camp. Charette was already getting 1st team reps on some of the Als special teams units and was in a serious battle for a roster spot. From what I’ve heard it was Charette’s performance on the field  as a Gryphon, rather than any measureables or combine numbers, that sold the Alouettes’ leadership on his CFL potential.

Of course, Charette is just one of three Gryphons in the Als’ training camp. Jake Piotrowski and Jeff Finley were 2013 and 2014 draft picks who made the Montreal roster last year. By all accounts they are counted on to play even bigger roles with the team this year but the news out of camp isn’t entirely positive as the Montreal Gazette reported last week, that Piotrowski was on the sidelines with a slight ankle sprain. Then, on cutdown day the Als put Finley on their 6 Week Injured list. Finley started last season on the injured list as well.

*     *     *

This week, the new CFL blog, 3Down Nation, has a story on three key members of the Argos special teams – The clockwork precision of Argos’ three-man “Operation”. Former Gryphon Jake Reinhart isn’t just a recent social media sensation but a key part of The Operation.

It starts with Reinhart. He’s so good at what he does that he recently was the subject of a video called “The Crossbar Challenge,” in which he nails the crossbar with his snaps from various lengths of the football field, and yes, a little bit of editing was involved.

Reinhart kick starts “The Operation” by grabbing the ball bare-handed (never gloves) with the laces just above the palm of his hand. He’s looking to snap the ball just inside where Harris puts the tee. He does that so that if he’s a little bit off, it’s still in the safe zone.

Dan MacDonald & Jake Reinhart at Argos camp

Dan MacDonald & Jake Reinhart at Argos camp

The story details Reinhart’s transition from high school quarterback to CIS linebacker to CFL long snapper and Coach Brian Cluff‘s role in that. Also, it provides some background on the drafting of long snappers by CFL teams – Dan MacDonald is just the sixth pure long snapper picked. Most are signed as free agents just as Reinhart was.

I referred to Reinhart’s new social media presence above. He’s been all over Instagram, Facebook, Vines, Youtube and other social media. His long snapping accuracy and trick shots have been shared hundreds of times and viewed by tens of thousands.  On a recent effort he teamed up with Dan MacDonald to spoof a Family Guy episode. Beside the usual Argonaut and CFL media this effort was picked up by Here is their take on it:

Remember back in February when it was revealed that Peter Griffin and his friends on Family Guy are fans of the CFL?

Naturally, the players depicted in the scene are talking politely, with thick accents and offering each other words of encouragement.

Well, now that CFL training camps are actually underway, Argos long snappers Jake Reinhart and Dan McDonald decided to take a break (or did they?) to re-enact the moment.

Here’s a reminder of what the original Family Guy scene looked like.

It begins with the quartet watching a show called Hard Knocks CFL: Training Camp with the Toronto Argonauts.

So, is this a case of art imitating life imitating art? You be the judge.

*     *     *

Congratulations to the Tiger-Cats’ Ryan Bomben on the birth of his daughter – Avery Rose Bomben. She is the first child for Ryan & Jessica and was born on June 15.

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