Some thoughts on tonight’s 2015 CFL Draft

First off, I’ll admit that some of what follows are recycled and updated “thoughts” from last year but it still applies …

In recent years I have found myself more interested in the CFL Draft than ever before. In part, that makes a lot of sense, as I’ve invested a lot of time watching Canadian amateur football in the past 8 years. And if you’ve followed high school, OVFL/OFC, Team Ontario, OUA and CIS football for years, then you can’t help but be interested in following the players you’ve watched move on and up. Recruits that I followed and have written about for four years or more years are now this year’s CFL prospects.

But it’s more than that, I think for many Gryphon fans. Especially after listening to Kyle Walters, Mike O’Shea and Pat Tracey speak, and answer questions, at last year’s Gala Dinner. A lot of Gryphon fans have been following very closely the progress of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. And that will include their draft picks tonight. The Bombers GM Kyle Walters’ Pre-Draft Press Conference yesterday in Winnipeg:

This will also be Chris Rossetti‘s second draft as the Director of Player Personnel for the Toronto Argonauts and what Gryphon fan doesn’t also wish him success. Add to those considerations the fact that former Gryphon Justin Dunk and Gryphon parent (x2) Tim Baines are two of the “expert” voices on the draft. Check out Dunk’s draft preview and final mock draft, and Baines’ preview with mock draft.

I really wish at last week’s Gala Dinner I had thought to ask Pat Tracey about the draft prospects of Gryphon football players Cam Walker, John Rush, Alex Charette, Daniel Ferraro and Daniel MacDonald. The ability of all to play special teams will figure importantly into their chances, so who would have been better to ask than a Special Teams Coordinator.

From conversations I’ve had with people in the know it is uncertain whether any teams will draft a kicker or a long snapper in 2015 because this year’s draft is so much deeper in talent than 2014 and no teams have actual vacancies at those positions. But it would be surprising if there aren’t teams that would want to sign a Ferraro or MacDonald as free agents. Nothing is certain but it is definite possiblity that one or all of Walker, Rush and Charette will get chosen in the mid to late rounds. Best of luck to all these Gryphons.

Daniel Ferraro hitting one of his 5 FGs Photo: Lou Toppan

Daniel Ferraro hitting one of his 5 FGs
Photo: Lou Toppan

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One Response to Some thoughts on tonight’s 2015 CFL Draft

  1. Tj says:

    Congratulations to Cam Walker, Alex Charette and Dan MacDonald on being picked in last nights CFL draft!! This is just one more thing that confirms how successful Coach Lang has been at recruiting the best talent possible. Championships and more CFL players in the near future for this program.

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