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E-W 2015

Gryphons Curtis Newton, Donnie Egerter, Tristan Doughlin and Kyle Fraser are in Montreal this week for the 2015 East-West Bowl. [My previous post and the Gryphons.ca story.] Guelph’s Linebacker Coach Adam Grandy and DBs Coach Devin Kavanagh are members of the Team West coaching staff. CFL.ca has a story on the announcement of the East-West coaching staffs.

The week’s activities got underway with meetings Tuesday night. On Wednesday the combine testing happened in the morning, followed by the first practice and team meetings later in the day. You can view the full schedule of events here. The combine results are in an Excel file you can view by clicking on EAST-WEST BOWL COMBINE RESULTS in the sub-header.

A few quick highlights from the Combine numbers:

  • Fraser, who came to Guelph as an athletic but undersized [255 lbs] OL, weighed in at 290 pounds
  • with only 3 of 11 DLs at E-W weighing over 256 pounds, Egerter is one of only 3 with the size to play DT in the CFL. Egerter measured 6’2″ & 300 pounds.
  • Bench press – Egerter 24 reps, Fraser 21 reps, Newton 13 reps, Doughlin DNP
  • 40 yard sprint – Doughlin 4.90, Newton 4.99, Fraser 5.66, Egerter 5.70

The CIS website has lots of video reports from East-West practices. Here is the Day 1 report and you will find links to others there.


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Here is a preview of the West Team roster and it includes speculation from Football Gameplan‘s Emory Hunt that Kyle Fraser, Guelph’s Right Tackle the past three years, may be looked as a possible Centre at the next level.

Link to watch the game tomorrow:


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