Final thoughts on Spring Camp 2015

James RobertsJames Roberts was indeed the only quarterback at practice. The only other players with a yellow jersey were the Ferraro brothers. Only once did I see Roberts not participate in a drill as TE Alex Reid took perhaps a dozen snaps. Roberts came to the sideline and immediately conscripted A’dre Fraser to caught passes for him. He threw continuously while he was not particpating.

Fraser was in a sweat suit and has not participated in Spring Camp. He and about 8 others wore the white jerseys of injured/rehabbing players. For injured players these guys don’t spend much time sitting around. They were helping out in various ways and kept a close eye on what their units were doing. The good news is that none of them were on crutches or sporting a cast or sling. Strained hamstring seemed to be the most common ailment. Most of the injuries occurred prior to Spring Camp.

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This story is definitely worth reading – Five Things We Learned From Gryphons Spring Camp. I’d love to see more stories like this and can’t disagree with a single word of it. In fact, I learned from it and fully agree that the defensive backfield will be a strength in 2015. You can see three of the young DBs mentioned in the article in this clip.

Last Day of Spring Camp #GryphonDrill DBs

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Three of the players mentioned can be seen in this sort clip – QB James Roberts (yellow jersey), Tailback Brandon Gordon (pass protection on the backside) and Slotback Ryan Nieuwesteeg (Red #2, white socks & shoes).

*     *     *

This off-season was very different from last year when Winter Camp was held in Florida on Reading Week in February. Most of the installation of new plays and systems happened in that week, then the balance of weekly practices were spent refining, repping and scrimmaging. In 2015 it was the other way around – install done in weekly practices, then the refining, repping and experimenting occurred in the season ending Spring Camp.

The final event of camp was a walk-thru practice at Jacob Hespeler Secondary School in Cambridge, the alma mater of James Roberts and Eric Starczala.

*     *     *

I didn’t see or hear much about position changes other than the switch of Hunter Bowman from DL to OL that I mentioned . But in a Mercury article back on Friday – Versatility of Myers key asset for Gryphs – Rob Massey writes about a possible position change for Mac Myers.

“He can play a lot of positions,” Gryphon defensive coordinator Kevin MacNeill said. “He’s a versatile athlete. In high school he was a free safety and quarterback. He really understands the game.”

Myers will be back for his fourth season of OUA football eligibility with the Gryphs this fall. He’s played linebacker most of his first three seasons, but could be shifted to free safety this year. He’s played at both positions this week at the Gryphons’ spring camp at Alumni Stadium.

 *     *     *

Guelph Mercury slide show of Spring Camp:

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