Spring Camp news & other links

I’m heading up to Guelph to watch practice this afternoon. It will be my only opportunity to get a look at the team this Spring. I should have some thoughts and observations to share tomorrow.

DB Nick Parisotto at Tuesday practice Photo: Rob Massey

DB Nick Parisotto at Tuesday practice
Photo: Rob Massey

In the meantime the Merc’s Rob Massey has had a couple more stories from camp this week. He talked with a couple of the local Guelph players – freshman Nick Parisotto and veteran James Ingram.

From yesterday’s paper – Parisotto looking to build on rookie campaign with Gryphons:

“We just came with the expectations that we’ve got to work our butts off, learn the new stuff that we’re putting in and keep the intensity high going into the summer to keep our focus up,” Parisotto said of spring camp.

“Our coaches really encourage us to stay for the summer and put in the extra work,” Parisotto said. “I know being from Guelph and getting to train here all last summer, the guys that were here were some of our better players on the team that showed a lot of improvement. It’s really important that we get this bonding down right away so that come training camp we’re all one unit and we’re not thinking on different pages. We’re all cohesive and ready to go.”

And today – Receiver Ingram coming back for another season with Gryphons:

“I enjoy the game too much to give it up,” the receiver said following a spring camp workout at Alumni Stadium. “It’s sad to think that next year could potentially be the last year ….”

“You can always get faster,” he said as part of his game where he’ll look for improvement. “I’m a pretty big body, and speed is definitely an area I need to work on. I’ve been working hard in the weight room with our trainer day in and day out just trying to get faster.”

James Ingram (red) working on ball security in Wednesday practice Photo: Rob Massey

James Ingram (red) working on ball security in Wednesday practice
Photo: Rob Massey

*    *     *

On Monday, a Mercury story on the development of future CFL executives and scouts – Argos Barker embraces role as mentor to future execs – includes some positive words about former Gryphon Chris Rossetti:

One of Barker’s brightest proteges is 24-year-old Chris Rossetti, who was discovered as a quarterback at the University of Guelph. After his playing career, Rossetti joined the Argos as an intern in the scouting department.

Rossetti impressed Barker with his vast knowledge of players. Barker could give him any name and Rossetti would know where the player went to school and what time he ran.

He is now the director of player personnel for the Argos.

“One day, probably a lot earlier than later, he’s going to be a GM in this league,” Barker said of Rossetti.

Rossetti is so good, Barker said, that the Houston Texans of the NFL approached Rossetti about a job last year.

“There’s going to be a point when I’m going to lose him,” Barker said, “and I need to have people around here who know how we operate and do things.”

Another former Gryphon, Curtis Rukavina, is also working in the Argos scouting department. Rukavina, who was a defensive assistant with the Gryphons last season, began working for the Argonauts on a temporary contract in the off-season. He received a contract extension this spring. Both Rukavina and Rossetti will be unable to attend the Gryphon Football Gala Dinner on May 2nd as they will be working at the Argos mini camp in Bradenton, FL.

By the way, tickets for the Gala are essentially sold out. You will need to contact Randy Dimitroff directly at (416) 804-7400 if you still hope to attend.

*     *     *

One more link from the Mercury, a story on an incoming recruit – Job Reinhart goes defensive for Varsity Gryphons. There are some very interesting tidbits in the story including Reinhart’s growing success in track & field. Here is some of the football “stuff”:

The quarterback for the Varsity Gryphs last season, Reinhart will be on the opposite side of the ball this year as he’s in the process of transforming himself into a linebacker.

Reinhart is using his quarterback experience while learning the new position. Although he’s on the other side of the line, he notices things the offensive line does that lets him know what way the play is likely to go.

“When the line moves, I can tell where they’re running it,” he said. “Also, when I drop back I can see what route schemes the receivers are running.”

That ability has placed him a long way up the learning curve and has made him confident in his ability to play the position.

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