Spring Camp 2015 underway

Offensive linemen at spring practice Photo: Rob Massey

Offensive linemen at spring practice Photo: Rob Massey

Spring Camp 2015 got underway Sunday afternoon at Alumni Stadium, shortly after Team Ontario’s Red-Black Game concluded. Camp continues all week with film sessions, meetings and daily practices.

The Mercury’s Rob Massey was at Monday’s practice and posted his first training camp story last night – Football Gryphs get together for their spring training.  Massey tells us the practices are “slated for 4:45 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and a 3:45 p.m. session Friday”. Since everyone is interested in knowing what is happening at the quarterback position …

Monday, James Roberts took all the quarterback reps as Jazz Lindsey isn’t at the camp.

“Jazz is still a little sore,” Lang said. “We gave him the week off. (Offensive coordinator) Todd (Galloway) is going to speak to him after the week to sort of get a sense of where he’s at, both mentally and physically.”

Yes, rising sophomore James Roberts is the only QB in camp. That is a major concern and part of why I’ve written that the 2015 recruiting class needed to include at least two, but preferably three, QB prospects. (The Gryphons have signed Vancouver’s Theodore Landers and Scarborough’s Simon Shi.) I’d be more worried if Roberts hadn’t had such an impressive freshman season. He proved he was a CIS-calibre quarterback from the get-go. Depth is the real issue here.

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Check out and follow Gryphon social media for up-to-date photos and videos. Some samples of what’s available:

Defensive Indy Day 2 of Spring Camp #GoBeyond

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Offense Indy Drills Day 2 Spring Camp #GoBeyond

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2 Responses to Spring Camp 2015 underway

  1. Rob says:

    Peter, what is the deal with Jazz not attending camp? Considering the issues he had last year in Florida and now this, it must be hard to consider him the starter come this fall. Will the gryphs be going with Roberts?

    • I wouldn’t consider Jazz the starter for the fall for two reasons – 1) he has not yet made a commitment to return for the fall & 2) there are still questions about the health of his shoulder.

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