Red-Black Game goes today at Alumni Stadium

Mostly sunnyWith sunshine & 12-degree temps forecast the weather should be nice for this afternoon’s Red-Black game at Alumni Stadium. The game, which is the final stage of Team Ontario’s selection process, features 90 of Ontario’s top prospects. many of these players will be the most sought after recruits recruits for the 2016 & 2017 recruiting cycles. As I’ve written before …

… It brings 90 of the top, future CIS prospects in Ontario to Alumni Stadium and the University of Guelph campus. That is a good thing! We have excellent facilities that these prospects will get to experience first hand. It also helps to build Guelph’s reputation as a football centre and extend the Gryphon brand. It is a great coincidence that the Red vs Black name of the game dovetails so nicely with the Alumni Stadium field and the Gryphon colours. Numerous times I’ve watched the highlight tapes of CIS prospects from across Ontario only to see clips from last year’s game in which the Gryphon logo and checkerboard end-zones are featured prominently.

Red-Black 2015

*     *     *

From Football Ontario’s website story:

On Sunday, April 19th, 1:00pm at the University of Guelph; Alumni Stadium, the Top 90 players will take the field fighting for a spot on the 40 man U18 Team Ontario Roster that will compete at the 2015 Football Canada Cup, being held in St. Jean, Quebec. For a full list of the Red vs Black Roster, follow the link below.

2015 Red vs Black Rosters

In addition to Bill Brown who has been a long-time coach with Team Ontario, Gryphon coaches Brian Cluff, Adam Grandy and Mike MacDonald have been guest coaches working with the prospects this weekend.

HC Glen Mills addresses players after practice #1

HC Glen Mills addresses players after practice #1

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Unfortunately I won’t make it to this year’s game, choosing instead to visit my newest granddaughter this afternoon. Two weeks early but a healthy 9lbs 1oz, Claire Elizabeth was born 72 hours ago. What can I say? It’s about priorities … “God, Family, then Football”.

Claire Elizabeth

Claire Elizabeth


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  1. Dan A Yarmey says:

    Congratulations! Grand-daughters are wonderful Dan Yarmey

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