CFL Toronto Regional Combine today

CFL Combine

Well today is the big day.

And while I didn’t find any highlight videos to share for John Rush, Dan MacDonald, Jordan Thompson or Jazz Lindsey, I did want to wish them the best of luck today!

Again, all were members of Guelph’s 2011 recruiting class. You can find each players 2014 stats and a little career history on The links for the profiles of each player are here – John Rush, Dan MacDonald and Jazz Lindsey.

Jordan Thompson did not play in 2014 but received an invitation from the CFL in late January. I talked to him three weeks ago at the Gryphon Fieldhouse while watching the Elite HS Big Man Camp and he was excited for the opportunity.

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Follow me on Twitter as I’ll try to share or retweet any news that I hear – Tweets by Peter Gryphon. Or check out #CFLCombine. Depending what I hear I may even add info to the comments section of this post. By the late afternoon the results should be posted on this page.

The goal of most players tomorrow is to make a positive impression on CFL scout, coaches and GMs. Four lucky players will receive invitations to participate at the CFL’s National Combine on Friday and Saturday. News of those selections should out late in the afternoon as well. It is worth noting that last year Jeff Finley didn’t get invited to the National Combine but made a positive enough impression to be picked in the third round of the 2014 CFL Draft.

CFL combine

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  1. In case you missed Justin Dunk’s tweets …

  2. In case you missed Justin Dunk’s tweets …

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