Throwback Thursday: Dr. Jack Cote

Many people will already have heard that former football player and coach Dr. Jack Cote passed away ten days ago at the age of 86. Cote played for the Aggies of OA-VC from the late 1940s thru 1950. Cote was the 195o winner of the Ted Wildman Memorial Trophy for the Aggies.  Cote, who had followed in his father’s footsteps, graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 1951. Cote later went on to chair the Wildman Trophy Selection Committee for many years.

Dr. Jack Cote

Dr. Jack Cote OVC ’51

After his graduation and throughout his life Cote remained a strong supporter of Aggies/Redmen/Gryphon football. Upon graduation Cote stayed in the Guelph area and went on to teach Veterinary Medicine at OVC from 1953-1986. Cote stayed involved as an assistant coach at numerous times throughout his long career in Guelph. From what I’ve been told he played a very important role in assisting a couple of young, American coaches – Jay Fry and Tom Mooney – to become accustomed to Ontario college football and their roles at OA-VC.

Cote was inducted into the University of Guelph’s Gryphon Hall of Fame in 1986 as a builder. He was inducted a second time in 2008 with the 1955 Redmen football team. From the 2008 announcement:

Talent, hard work and great coaching combined to bring a championship to Guelph, as the 1955 Football team captured the OUAA, OQAA and Dominion Intermediate Intercollegiate titles. Under the direction of coaches, Jay Fry and Jack Cote, who have already been inducted into the Gryphon Hall of Fame as builders, this team excelled in all dimensions of the game.

Back in the summer I had lengthy conversations with Dr. Wayne Gerrie, OVC ’55 and Dr. Robbie Keith, OAC ’59 in order to learn more about the history of the program. At the time I was surprised at how many times Jack Cote’s name came up. I’ve also heard Randy Dimitroff mention several times how supportive Dr. Cote was to his father, Tom Dimitroff Sr. while he was the Gryphons head coach. He served for many years as a Faculty Advisor and as a member of the Athletics Advisory Council. He was affectionately known to students and staff on campus as “Cadillac Jack”.

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3 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Dr. Jack Cote

  1. John Vandenberg says:

    Jack was a true gentleman and a good friend and mentor to a lot of gryphon players. RIP

  2. Mike MacDonald says:

    Thanks very much Brad for celebrating Dr. Cote’s life and contributions to the University and to the football program. Sounds like an outstanding individual to whom a lot of veterinary students and football players owe a great deal of thanks to.

    Coach Mike MacDonald

  3. Bill Morrison says:

    Thank you Peter for the most appropriate announcement on Dr. Cote. As proud as I am of the young men who wear the football uniform today. I can honestly say that the dignity, pride and honour to be part of a University of Guelph football programme was never more revealing than that shown by Dr. Jack Cote. He was the first academic I met on campus in 1966 and his attitude toward the student/athlete and in particular the football player was life changing. Thank you Dr. Cote for being the University of Guelph’s ultimate ambassador for football. You are truly missed.

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