What could have been for the 2015 season

Had the OUA not turned up it’s nose at the Northern 8 proposal this is the schedule the Guelph Gryphons would have played in 2015:

Week 1 – Aug 30   Guelph @ Laurier
Week 2 – Sept 7   Western @ Guelph
Week 3 – Sept 12   Calgary @ Guelph – Nationally televised interlock game
Week 4 – Sept 19   Guelph @ McMaster
Week 5 – Sept 26   Ottawa @ Guelph – probable Homecoming Game
Week 6 – Oct 3   Guelph @ Waterloo
Week 7 – Oct 10   Guelph @ Laval – Nationally televised interlock game
Week 8 – Oct 17   Bye Week
Week 9 – Oct 24   Carleton @ Guelph

I don’t know what you think but I like the looks of that schedule. The Gryphons would actually face Western [they don’t meet in the 2015 OUA schedule]. Appearing in two nationally televised games would be great. Those games would include the first meeting with Calgary since 1984 and the first-ever meeting with the Laval Rouge et Or. No doubt playing at Laval’s PEPS Stadium in Quebec City would be difficult.

This proposed, but hypothetical, schedule would have had the Gryphons play McMaster in Hamilton for the fifth time in six games but I’d take that trade-off for the opportunity to add Western, Calgary and Laval. The OUA teams we would miss under this schedule – York, UofT, Windsor and Queen’s. I would hate to miss Queen’s but I could live with it.

*     *     *

You can now read the entire Northern8/Northern10 proposal as it was presented to the university and conference representatives. The PDF file posted on the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix website contains the same graphics and schedules the CIS Athletic Directors received.

Here is the just released Krown Countdown U episode that explains the details of the Northern8 proposal.

Other articles and discussions related to National Interlock and the OUA’s Restrictions on Uniforms and Rosters:

Thankfully at least one McMaster fan gets it and wrote this post on the CIS Blog – On CIS football interlock, and the issues at hand

TSN radio host and OUA Football columnist Mike Hogan asks Is a CIS football super league in the works?

Hamilton Spectator sports writer and radio talk show host Scott Radley talked with Mac’s Marshall Ferguson about the OUA’s restrictions on Uniforms and Rosters on his Monday night radio show – The Scott Radley Show – Feb 23 – skip to the 26:30 minute mark for the OUA discussion.

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One Response to What could have been for the 2015 season

  1. mike carney sr says:

    “Is a CIS Super league in the works?” Don’t be silly. The CIS already killed this because the idea did not come from inside the CIS. This could have been done. This is driving me nuts because the reality is that AD’s for the most part act on the advice of their football head coaches…ergo, it is the head coaches who are killing this. it is the competition (or lack thereof) who have decided that if they cannot compete with you on the field then they will do so in the boardroom. Come to think of it, from and OUA perspective it would take about 7 teams to beat a combined western guelph squad. All the pieces of the puddle seem to be falling into place. …

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