More people weigh in on OUA restrictions

In a London Free Press article yesterday veteran sports writer Morris DellaCosta was highly critical of the OUA’s new measures to try to increase competitiveness. If you’re interested at all in this topic you will want to read New OUA rules stifle university sports. DellaCosta, who quotes both Stu Lang and Greg Marshall, also expresses some strong sentiments of his own.

It’s been a bit of a mystery what the OUA, the governing body of Ontario university athletics, is doing to make parity a reality in Ontario university sports.

Wait no longer. The solution has been revealed. Make all schools the same by striving to make all schools mediocre.

It’s obvious the organization has decided that instead of encouraging all universities to attain excellence, they would seek through legislation to encourage all universities to settle for being average at best.

Mediocrity is a theme in a lot of responses to the OUA’s “competitiveness” initiatives. Here are some more examples from CFL players, football fans and coaches …

And some sarcastic responses …

*     *     *

Krown Countdown U discusses the “OUA’s missteps” on their most recent episode. They also cover coaching changes and a big recruit announcement at UBC. Comments about the OUA’s competitive initiatives are at the 14:46 & 21:11 minute marks. The “OUA Fashion Police” … LOL! But the best line … “Party like it’s 1959 OUA!”.


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