Feedback on OUA “competitiveness” actions

The feedback from Rob Massey’s Guelph Mercury story – Gryphons rankled by competitiveness proposals – has been fast and furious for an off-season OUA football story. There actually are two comments on the on-line version of the story, something you rarely see. A further 80 readers have responded with a thumbs up or thumbs down. The article link has been tweeted 52 times. Likewise, yesterday’s blog post already has comments from Dr. Bill Morrison, Mike Carney Sr. and John McCaig.

The real action is taking place on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

And on Facebook,

While one former Queen’s player, Gord Randall, spoke out on Twitter, another Queen’s grad has done it on Facebook. Not that I want to forgive him for having the two finest games of his OUA career against us, both in 2013, but former Gaels QB Billy McPhee gets it …

I agree with Coach Lang. It looks like the OUA is saying it is unfair, when in reality, Guelph has challenged other programs to step up and evolve.

From a Toronto high school coach …

You show me a coach that admits he makes his team better by lowering the bar…then I’ll back up his option to vote to “level the playing field”…it’s all about who has the money and who doesn’t…Stu has put his money into this league at his alma mater and at the university in his community…”quit bitching” oua and go find your Stu(s)….

From a Niagara high school coach …

The OUA has decided what is ‘Best for Business’ (quoting HHH) when it comes to football. Can’t say I really care too much about the cap on uni swag, swag is/was never my style. My concern is on the roster size squeeze…many players who are busting tail in the offseason will be told either this spring or during training camp that they will be let go to meet the needs of a hard roster cap. This will hurt the OUA nationally in the long run …

*     *     *

It’s interesting to see several incoming recruits on Twitter laughing at the idea that people think uniforms make a difference in winning, or choosing a school. Myself, I think most people know that helmets and jerseys don’t win games. And they’re not the things that people base important life-decisions on but they are part of what makes the Gryphon Football brand attractive and distinguish this program from others.

The roster limits are not a major concern from my perspective. By that I mean … I don’t think they will impact Gryphon recruiting or the quality of the team we put on the field. I fully expect that Guelph will continue to guarantee incoming recruits two years on the roster. The real shame is that in the future a dozen players, many of them walk-ons, will lose out on the opportunity to be a part of the football program.

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2 Responses to Feedback on OUA “competitiveness” actions

  1. Les MacNeill says:

    Sounds like jealousy to me, Stu Lang by the rules is doing what he can to make his program competitive and the league is afraid he might. The gryphs have not won anything yet and people are afraid they might. Change the rules before they can is a backward philosophy. N o won has ever won because they have more uniforms and helmets than the next guy..

  2. Trisha Johnston says:

    Very disappointing that “status quo” and “good enough” are the ideal standards the OUA is setting for our student athletes. We send our kids off to university hoping they will become creative, innovative thinkers who will eventually make a difference in the future. How sad that the OUA is now pumping the brakes on progress; we have lost televised coverage of regular season games, the concussion issue is looming large and this new ruling is yet another hit to the foundation of our football program. Not every player is a blue chip recruit or team O player right out of high school, the new roster cap will effective crush the hope of any player who needs time and coaching to develop. A ruling to create parity amongst the teams is in actuality a ruling that keeps players off the field.

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