Game Day thoughts

♦ Here in Hamilton it’s cold and crisp. [Crisp is the perfect word for it.] As of 7:30 a.m. there is no wind at all. The forecast is mixed sun & cloud, little chance of precipitation, little wind and temps rising to 2º Celsius this afternoon. It should be perfect November football weather. Just remember to dress for it – boots, gloves, long underwear or snow pants, a Gryphon red & black checkered tuque. My youngest son will be running around at the pre-game event in track pants but when we he into the stadium he’ll be wearing snow pants.

♦ I hope to see hundreds at the pre-game social event on Parking Lot H – behind the stadium, essentially where the road ends. Remember, Mac Security can get stupid about enforcing drinking rules even on well-behaved adults. They didn’t bother us at the Labour Day tailgate party but they did give one Gryphon tailgater a $125 ticket at the 2012 Yates Cup tailgate. That was a great event though, with 500 or so Gryphon fans out numbering the Mac fans about 10 to 1.

♦ Not only is it disappointing that the game isn’t on national TV but I’m also disappointed that the game still hadn’t sold out as of last night. The crowd will be big but to have sold-out several days in advance just adds the excitement. I just don’t think the McMaster fan base is nearly as excited about this team as they were the 2012 version. Even in 2012 Guelph was very well represented in the stands with about 40% of the attendees supporting the Gryphons. If you doubt me check out the crowd shots in the 2012 highlights here:

♦ Wish I had more time to write this morning but Seth and I are aiming to be at Mac by 9:15. What I really wish is that I’d had access to a computer during the week to do some writing. And sharing of links too. Here are a few of the most recent:

The Hamiton Spectator: Greg Marshall handicaps the Yates Cup

Marshall said both Mac and Guelph are balanced. Mac will try and throw the football. Guelph will rely more on the rushing attack.

Marshall likes Mac running back Chris Pezzetta. But Guelph’s Rob Farquharson is a back who has the ability to survive initial contact and break a run for a huge gain.

“I like Laurier’s Dylan Campbell. I like our guy, too, but if I was drafting running backs I think Rob Farquharson is the guy I would take,” he said.

Gryphons are winged and wounded
CIS: A look at three university football finals including Mac vs Guelph

The Guelph Mercury: Mac respects Guelphs special teams

“For the majority of OUA teams, special teams is an inconvenience,” McMaster coach Stefan Ptaszek said. “Not at the University of Guelph. They want to choke you out with specials.”

That both coaches know the importance of return yardage shouldn’t be a surprise. When Gryphon coach Stu Lang finished his five years with the Queen’s Gaels in 1973, he was the OUA’s all-time leader in punt return yardage with 1,119. He had slipped to 14th on the list for the start of this season and Ptaszek was one of those above him ….

Gryphs kept off OUA football awards ceremony podium

The Guelph Gryphons were shut out at OUA football’s major awards ceremony Thursday and they’re proud of it.

“We like to think of ourselves just as a group of good players, no outstanding players, and that’s what we are,” Gryphon offensive lineman Cam Wilhelm said. “We’re a team, we’re a family and we try to stick together and just win games.”

“The Guelph Gryphons are all about team,” Gryphon head coach Stu Lang said.

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