Jazz #1 QB in OUA based on NFL ratings

Without a doubt QB Jazz Lindsey has had a very good season. While Lindsey doesn’t lead the OUA in any specific statistical category – total yards, completion percentage, passing TDs, etc., I can’t help but feel he is having a season worthy of OUA All Star consideration. Critics quickly point to the lack of standout stats. I actually answered some of those critics saying that there are much better measures of QB performance than the raw stats, specifically measures of efficiency like TD:INT ratio – i.e Jazz is #2 in the OUA –  or the QB efficiency rating systems used at the NFL, CFL and NCAA levels.

Talk about a well-timed coincidences … yesterday I learn that someone connected with the Allez-les-Bleus blog has been keeping track of the stats of all CIS QBs and calculating them using the NFL’s methodology. And guess what? Jazz Lindsey is the #1 rated QB in the OUA based on the NFL system.

Here is the evidence – Efficacité de passeur des QA- CIS. That title translates as CIS QB Passer Efficiency.

CIS QB Rating

*     *     *

Look for more news coverage on Jazz tomorrow via The Ontarion.

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3 Responses to Jazz #1 QB in OUA based on NFL ratings

  1. John says:

    “Jazz #1 QB in OUA based on NFL ratings”

    That is incorrect. Not sure where the person got his QB ratings from, but they are not NFL qb ratings. Finch lead the OUA in NFL QB rating this year.

    • John, have you even examined the formulae used in the calculations? It is all laid out in the spreadsheet. Please point out for me where it is flawed. Everyone else in the CIS seems to accept the methodology used except critics of Jazz.

  2. Brian says:

    Peter if you look at the data used on the spread sheet it is not accurate. It states that Jazz interception percentage is 1 %. It is in fact 1.408450 %. Since he has improper data obviously the results are incorrect. I calculated Jazz’s NFL rating at 98.93. Still an excellent rating but Finch’s is higher as is Nassar’s. Plug the data in yourself http://brucey.net/nflab/statistics/qb_rating.html.

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